Small apartment with big ideas

Home to a family of four, this compact apartment designed by I.D.I.D enjoys space-saving features in almost every room.

  • Small apartment with big ideas

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 883sqft

Text by Isabelle Tow

At first glance, the wall behind the sofa appears to be a simple feature wall with an LED strip light installed for visual interest, but there is more than meets the eye in this small apartment. Its sleek finish camouflages cabinet doors that open to reveal full-height storage space with a generous 300mm depth.

small apartment

Cabinets were built along the bare wall at the entrance of this small apartment to store footwear and other personal effects. To break up the monotony of a featureless storage unit, open shelving in the middle and at the bottom allows for convenient stowing of valuables and frequently worn shoes.

small apartment

The interplay of light-filled spaces, together with earth-toned furnishings and white finishes visually expand the compact communal area.

small apartment

As the bedrooms are small, custom features have been designed to ensure that every inch of space is conserved and maximised. Beside the compact desk space, the headboard behind the bed conceals a full-height storage feature.

elegant master bedroom

Likewise in the master bedroom, the headboard holds some nifty and unexpected features. Besides floor-to- ceiling storage cabinets, it also conceals a handy pull-out table that has enough surface area to support a monitor and keyboard.


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