Bold expressions in a three-room flat with a slanted wall

No.Sense Studio has given the residents of this BTO flat in Eunos the freedom to express their unique style whilst removing the perceived limitations of small space living.

  • Bold expressions in a three-room flat with a slanted wall

Home Type: 3-room

Floor Area: 670sqft

The owners of this three-room BTO flat work in the fashion industry and also enjoy collecting pieces of art. It therefore stood to reason that their keen sense of style would become the main driver for the design of their home.

They also had a selection of furniture pieces, a variety mid-century modern classics (Akari floor lamp, Togo sofa, Vitra Standard chairs, etc) that they were bringing with them, and so these dictated the colours of the interior.

No.Sense Studio project

“When designing the space, my focus was to give the client a blank canvas to style their home while also working with their requirements,” says their interior designer Jonathan from No.Sense Studio.

“For carpentry colours, the client and I came to a conclusion to pick shades that would complement their furniture pieces. We wanted to have pops of colour throughout the space, and so decided to go with screed flooring to emphasise its contrast against the furniture,” he continues.

The two bedrooms have been merged to create a larger master suite with room enough to house an ample wardrobe that’s perfectly suited to the style mavens. Notably, the wall takes a diagonal slant at a corner – a move that makes more efficient use of the space, providing more room in the living area for the owners who enjoy a social lifestyle and often entertain.

No.Sense Studio project

The kitchen walls have also been demolished, and the kitchen itself pushed back slightly to accommodate a larger communal area as desired by the owners. The colours here take their cue from a mid-century modern palette with their bold mix of teal, green and deep browns. Even as a compact space, the colours make this a striking space that one can appreciate from afar.

Warmer shades of orchre, browns and burgundy find their way into the master bedroom, while the en-suite bathroom sees the cool contrast of steel (basin) against terracotta and cement tones (tiles).

It’s a dramatic and stylish transformation of a humble three-room flat, and done at a cost of $60,000.

No.Sense Studio

Photography by Marcus Ip

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No.Sense Studio project
No.Sense Studio project


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