Secret to having a playground in an apartment

With some imagination, even modestly sized apartments can offer homeowners all that they want – like a playground. Why not?

  • Secret to having a playground in an apartment

Home Type: 3-bedroom apartment

Floor Area: 915sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Gutting the interiors was the starting point that provided the freedom to reimagine how this apartment in Taiwan could be used best for the family of four. Formerly the kitchen and back balcony, the areas to the left of the main entrance have been reconfigured into a roomy storage room and a cosy workroom. This move allowed HAO Design to bring the kitchen further into the home to occupy what was previously a bedroom.

Hao Design apartment

The main thrust of this move was to better connect the kitchen, living room and the kids’ bedroom (which is also a playground!). From the kitchen, the couple can keep watch on the children as they have fun in their own space, while sliding doors allow their room to be closed off when needed.

Playground in apartment

A slide is fun now when the children are young. But when they are older, this playground be disassembled, and the customised carpentry can take on new function with the addition of a clothes rail and drawers.

Playground in apartment

In the living room, the sofa’s tapered backrests can be adjusted so the family can sit or lie down in both directions. This adaptable furniture piece signals openness and flexibility. Opting for a projector and nesting the speakers so that they blend into the projection wall also ensures visual entertainment does not become the focus of the space.

Playground in apartment

There is a sense of liveliness to the home, where each space flows to the next. The open layout aids the family’s everyday rituals that bring comfort, care and connection. As the boys explore and play, the couple can each engage in their favourite activities: music, photography, coffee and wine tasting for the husband, and cooking and reading for the wife.

bedroom Hao Design

Happiness experts extol the necessity of everyday rituals that make life flow and structure the day for joy. That was the aim of HAO Design, which wanted to create a home that enhances the sense of togetherness as the family members go about their day.

HAO Design

This article first appeared in Lookbox Living issue 64

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Hao Design
Hao Design
Hao Design playground
Hao Design playground


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