A home to be filled with endless imagination

Warm textures, clean lines and a minimalist palette define this home for a family of three.

  • A home to be filled with endless imagination

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 815sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

An enduring palette of natural colours and soft textures blend seamlessly rather than stand out in this three-bedroom apartment. “The homeowners wanted a home that would evoke a calming atmosphere, allowing thoughts and ideas to flow,” explains interior designer Soh Xin Hui from Hock Hoon, who sought to create a stimulating yet relaxing environment. The clean aesthetic also serves as a canvas for the family of three to colour the home with their personal identities.

In overhauling the original unit, the existing tiles were replaced with dark vinyl flooring that gives the apartment a homey feeling. The kitchen layout was reconfigured and fitted with a counter that doubles up as a food preparation and dining area, maximising space. And in place of sharp corners, the countertop features rounded edges – a subtle detail that facilitates a seamless flow from the foyer to the living area.

condo home by Hock Hoon

“Through visual and sensory contrast, we created a meditative atmosphere that appeals to the senses,” says the designer. The lighting in the apartment also plays a big part in creating a stimulating atmosphere. Full-length windows invite natural light into the home, calming the mind and senses.


“We paired stone texture with a warmer wood laminate to bring serenity and groundedness into the space,” the designer adds, referring to the television feature wall with its warm, wood-look carpentry, and the contrasting stone textured wall cladding. These elements are juxtaposed with mirror panels that visually expand the space.

condo home by Hock Hoon

An understated frame feature extends from the television wall and runs across the living room, emphasising the panoramic view of the interior and the outdoors. “The frame across the living room acts as a picture frame that captures the interaction between light and space. This allows the dweller to focus on the moment,” Xin Hui explains. These unseen moments created by design makes the space inexplicably compelling.


Storage areas in the living room and master bedroom are concealed within subtly designed panels. “The challenge is to make the space feel spacious despite the need for storage. This is resolved through design elements that change the perception of the space,” she says. In the master bedroom for example, the designer opted for raised platform storage, creating an alternative volume while optimising the space and hiding clutter.


This bedroom feels a little darker with black wood carpentry to promote optimal rest. “The dark wood headboard and fin details are balanced with lightly textured wall panels to introduce an intimate ambience to retreat for the day,” says Xin Hui. The bed is oriented towards the window, maintaining a connection with nature.

kid room

With rounded corners, playful arches and a loft bed, the kid’s room is cleverly utilised. The space beneath the bed serves as a play, study and piano area. “The study and sleeping areas are on different levels, connected by a solid wood ladder that emphasises traditional joinery,” the designer points out.

details kid room

Small nooks were thoughtfully incorporated for a personal touch. Apart from these wondrous elements that will get any kid excited, a glass panel by the window allows for ventilation and opens up the room to allow the imagination to run freely.

Hock Hoon

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condo home by Hock Hoon
kitchen detail
bedroom detail
kid room
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