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Small Spaces

Small but space-smart home for five

From a mini walk-in wardrobe to an innovative pull-out table, this 740sqft flat gets a major boost in functionality and space with multiple clever design solutions by AP Concept.

A chic design studio stands out like a gem in the industrial area

Design firm AP Concepts’ inviting design studio is everything you would expect from a well-thought-out plan that marries aesthetics, minimalism and functionality, and makes homeowners feel comfortably at home.

Airy living in a compact 757sqft apartment

Archive Design applies a palette of light hues to ‘enlarge’ the apartment while ensuring all the owners’ storage needs are met.

Hock Hoon and the art of crafting timeless homes

As a boutique-style, interior design and carpentry studio, Hock Hoon builds well-crafted homes that stand the test of time.

The Lookbox Living Small Space issue is out!

In our latest Lookbox Living Small Space issue, we show you many amazing ways to live it up in small homes. Grab your copy today and get inspired!

Peranakan meets industrial in this small bachelorette apartment

Who says small can’t be beautiful? AMP Design Co. proves that style and function can be had even in a 700sqft apartment.

An outer space and botanical themed HDB flat

The home of OuterEdit co-founders is a manifestation of a harmonious fusion of individual ways, ideas and concepts.

See how a small apartment expands in size

An 800sqft condominium apartment with high ceilings is meticulously metamorphosed into a spacious dwelling for two.

860sqft condo made bigger with an open-plan living space

Pushing through the boundaries of space, the Design 4 Space designers delivered a sophisticated and spacious-looking home that now affords plenty of natural light.

Modern grandeur in a tiny studio apartment

Luxe living takes over this petite apartment that features a clean-lined yet highly sophisticated design language. With well-planned design measures by Nest Spatial Design, the homeowners are sure to live large even in this small space.