Small Spaces

Small space floor plan

For love of monochrome

This monochrome apartment embraces black, white and everything in between, and comes with great functional features despite its petite size.

Pro styling tips: 5 ways to make your bedroom look bigger

Wished your bedroom looked bigger? Here are easy and effective styling tips from an expert to help you achieve it.

Secret to having a playground in an apartment

With some imagination, even modestly sized apartments can offer homeowners all that they want – like a playground. Why not?

Colour and rose-tinted views in a BTO flat

A couple working in the creative industry and their two dogs live in this colourful three-room flat that reflects their sunny disposition.

Making a bold statement

With its dashing display of colours, shapes and metropolitan style, this bachelor pad is a true head-turner.

Multipurpose designs that make life easier at home

Apartments may be getting smaller, but here are five great design ideas to make life in small spaces a breeze.

This apartment hides a cat sanctuary within its walls

d’Phenomenal transforms a one-bedder studio apartment into a cat-friendly home with space-saving features.

Expanded possibilities in a small but multifunctional home

This compact BTO flat is enriched with marvellous design solutions that expand the possibilities for small space living.

Scaling new heights in a shoebox apartment

Design of Schatz takes advantage of the high ceilings in this small apartment, and gives its own spin to the phrase ‘living it up’.

Transformer flat for solo and social life

This small resale flat in Pasir Ris has been custom made with nifty features that can slide out or be moved depending on the occasion.