Small Spaces

It’s a beautiful life in a tiny apartment

Studio Wills + Architects has rethought living in a ‘shoebox’ apartment.

A dark and handsome apartment for one

Clever spatial planning, dark wood elements, and a keen attention to detail give this condo apartment its new, sexy good looks.

Small but beautiful with plants and a garden feel

The brief was for a cosy and homely space, and OVON delivered it with finesse in this three-room BTO flat with pockets of greenery that bring the outdoors in.

For love of bonsai and Japanese design

A couple’s personal passions and aesthetic inclinations are perfectly encapsulated in this three-room flat designed by IN-EXPAT.

Life around an open window

A request to add back a room to a flat led to a most beautiful proposal for HDB living.

Incredible space transformation of a 1970s flat

This 752-square-foot flat for a bachelor has been dramatically transformed into a ‘one-room apartment’ with a most unusual layout.

Living the good life in a small condo

Despite its compact size, this one-bedder bachelor pad designed by Rhiss Interior manages to live up to its full potential.

Small apartment with big ideas

Home to a family of four, this compact apartment designed by I.D.I.D enjoys space-saving features in almost every room.

The advantages of custom carpentry for small spaces

Investing in carpentry catered specifically to your small home may be a good idea, and here are five great examples.

For love of monochrome

This monochrome apartment embraces black, white and everything in between, and comes with great functional features despite its petite size.