6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

It’s happy hour anytime in these six Singapore homes that give commercial bars a run for their money.

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

  • 6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Staying in is the new going out, that is why most homes these days are designed for entertaining. If you love hosting soirees and concocting cocktails for friends, then creating a home bar should be next on your to-do list. Besides, with the COVID-19 having us stay home, there’s no better time than now to spend happy hour at home. Here are six cool home bar design ideas.

#1 Japanese izakaya
home bar design ideas by Sync Interior

Draw inspiration from this home, where the homeowner combined the concept and aesthetics of a Japanese izakaya with that of a ryokan. Here, pockets of space with tatami platforms make for an ideal setting for friends to gather, just like how colleagues in Japan gather after work at an izakaya.
Design by Sync Interior and shortlisted for Best Space for Entertaining at LBDA 2019.

#2 Seamless integration
home bar design ideas by Free Space Intent

The kitchen island is not just for prepping food or simply one more space to gather around. Free Space Intent reimagined the kitchen island to integrate a wine chiller into its side, making it the perfect spot for social evening gatherings.
Design by Free Space Intent

#3 Professional setup
home bar design ideas by Space Matter

If you have the space and love to host as much as the lady of this house does – she used to work in the alcohol industry – then this full-fledged home bar is right up your alley. Forming part of the open kitchen, racks of industrial style storage and shelving dress an entire wall with a customised stained solid oak wood island-on-wheels. Should more walking space be needed in the living room, the island rolls easily to the side, creating an L-shaped galley kitchen in the process.
Design by Space Matters.

#4 Multifunctional station
home bar design ideas by Black N White Haus

When space is a premium and a dedicated home bar isn’t an option, create a multifunctional station instead. The kitchen island/breakfast bar/workstation/high desk is built into the adjoining full-height cabinet that serves various functions. In the day, it functions as a breakfast table and coffee station. Come nightfall, it becomes a home bar that houses liquor bottles, wine glasses and decanting accessories.
Design by Black N White Haus. See full home feature here.

#5 Party in the balcony
home bar design ideas by Lux Design

We all love a rooftop bar. Think Ce La Vi, LeVel 33 and 1-Altitude. Unless you live in a landed property, this wouldn’t be possible. But you can still turn your balcony into a private, hip bar, replete with string lights. This house converted its spacious balcony into a weather-proof entertainment deck cum private lounge area with unbeatable views of the neighbourhood. It provides a full suite of entertainment solutions with a built-in bar counter and circular patio seating upholstered in a cheery red colour.
Design by Lux Design. See full home feature here.

#6 Hide and seek
home bar design ideas by JOW Architects

Concealed by way of pocket doors and only come out to play during happy hour, this home bar design idea is perfect for those who appreciate a streamlined design. With a counter for prep space, drawers to keep stemware, and cabinet space below to keep beverages, this compact home bar is all you need to get the party started. And when closed, it camouflages with the rest of the cabinetry, making this idea versatile in any part of the home, be it the dining, kitchen, living room, or bedroom.
Design by JOW Architects.

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