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Free Space Intent

Established: 1999

Free Space Intent Profile

Profile Image: Raymond Seow, Design Director; Carlos Sim, Designer; Leon Luo, Associate Director
Location: Local filmmaker Royston Tan’s soho-inspired apartment. The ‘semi-personal’ apartment that doubles as the filmmaker’s office is one of Free Space Intent’s proudest projects.

What is your company’s background?
Over the years, we’ve done lots of residential and commercial projects. In the ‘90s, people liked Zen, modern interiors, but we decided to break apart from what’s trendy and focus on retro, colourful designs. This differentiated us from the others. These days though, we are more diverse. We celebrated our 20th year anniversary in 2019, and we have evolved in a way that allows us to still be fun and colourful, while undertaking a lot of serious, modern contemporary projects.

What is your firm’s design identity?
The most distinct aspect of Free Space Intent is that we are very diverse. We don’t stick to one particular design as our company identity. As designers, we believe that we have to listen to what the homeowners want. We’ll help them to piece their ideas together and create something unique, rather than something that is trendy and ends up looking the same as every other house. This is because we don’t believe in cookie-cutter designs.

What are your areas of expertise?
Our forte lies in designing small residential spaces. We are also unafraid of using bold colours and patterns effectively to create the right mood and look within a space.

What constitutes a purposeful space?
When it comes to the space itself, it’s very personal. Something could be food for me, but poison for others. Of course, the general space planning has to be correct, but it has to go back to the owner’s lifestyle. Some people want a bigger kitchen and a smaller living hall. Others may want the opposite. There’s no right or wrong.

What is your best design advice?
BTO flats and condos are getting smaller these days. Thus, it’s imperative to do proper space measurements prior to space planning – every centimetre counts. These two aspects are the fundamentals of interior design and if they are off the mark, everything else will be as well.


Free Space Intent logo / (65) 6392 8885 / (65) 6292 8885 / / No 8 Ubi Road 2, Zervex #02-07, Singapore 408538

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