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Free Space Intent

Established: 1999

Free Space Intent

Profile image: Raymond Seow, Principal Designer; Jeffrey Lin, Managing Director; Leon Luo, Associate Director
Location: A condominium project at Duo Residences. According to Raymond Seow, this home is one of the company’s most iconic projects. “It gave me a chance to do something that’s slightly different from the rest. It’s a luxurious space that deviates from the contemporary, modern Scandinavian designs that a lot of people ask for.”

Design philosophy:
Our philosophy is quite straightforward. We believe in achieving something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can’t have a design that’s very practical but lacks the design aspect. At the same time, if it’s very aesthetically appealing but not functional, it’s also a failure.

The small things inspire us. Different cultures and lifestyles inspire us. For instance, when you travel to Japan or Vietnam, you’ll see how differently they design their homes. You can use the same material palette but apply it in different ways in design.

Passion for design:
Interior design is never boring. Each project is so different, and we get to be involved in the personal lives of our clients. It inspires us each time we meet new people who decide to engage us.


“I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad design. If the homeowner likes it, it can always be considered as a successful work of interior design.” – Raymond Seow, Principal Designer

Free Space Intent

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