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Lux Design

Established: 2012

Lux Design Profile

Profile image: Ben Zheng, Marketing Director; Howie Tan, Business Management Director; Wayne Loh, Finance Director; Erik Wong, Operations Director
Location: Lux Design’s office. True to its name, Lux Design’s office is a glimpse into their sumptuous designs. The entrance creates a memorable impression with dark colours and warm lighting that beckons one into the workplace.

What is your company’s background?
Three friends, Wayne Loh, Howie Tan and Erik Wong founded Lux Design with no formal education in interior design. Wayne and Howie were in a car grooming business together, while Erik ran his family’s carpentry business. But our attention to detail and overwhelming desire in making beautiful things led us to create bespoke living spaces with a focus on luxury and upscale designs.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
Currently, we have a dream team that consists of eight designers with diverse backgrounds – finance, real estate, engineering, project management and colour specialist; all of which form the genetic makeup of the renovation process. This is the true appeal of Lux Design as each individual brings a different perspective to the table. Furthermore, having Erik’s father, a master craftsman with decades of experience, partner with us is an added advantage. We are able to produce cutting-edge designs and top-notch workmanship for our clients.

What constitutes a meaningful space?
There is no point in designing something that looks nice, but isn’t personal; or something that is practical but doesn’t look nice. There must be a balance between the two.

What big plans do you have?
We plan to transition into boutique developments in the near future to boost our portfolio as an independent developer, and hopefully a renowned developer one day.

What is your best design advice?
Practical designs should be the priority. It’s better to keep the design theme simple and minimalist, rather than going over the top and miss the fundamentals of design, which is practicality.


Lux Design_logo_400px / (65) 6795 2652 / / 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Da Jin Factory Building, #02-07, Singapore 534963

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