In the spirit of Mediterranean chic

Luminous and ethereal are words that capture the atmosphere of this penthouse, which is inspired by museums and Mediterranean interiors.

  • In the spirit of Mediterranean chic

Home Type: 3-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 2,200sqft

Text by Janice Seow

Entering this penthouse is rather like stepping into the hushed halls of a museum – albeit a much more homey version. Limewashed walls and a well curated series of elegant furnishing in soft muted tones extend an atmosphere of tranquility and calm that envelops the entire house. Natural textures and the airy, luminous vibe also allude to relaxed Mediterranean interiors.

Penthouse with Mediterranean inspired interiors

This penthouse is home to Joseph Ho, co-founder of lighting concept store Sol Luminaire and his wife Evon, who is a fashion director at a digital creative agency.

Being here switches one entirely to relax mode, which fits nicely with the brief that the couple brought to Rei Ye, their interior designer from ARKHILITE.

Penthouse with Mediterranean inspired interiors

This home is a world apart from the couple’s previous residence, which in their words, “had a lot of blacks and greys”.

“We wanted the total opposite of what we had before, and provided Rei with a mood board of the type of interiors and colours we loved,” say the couple. Furnishing and objects were also selected in a most intentional manner. “The soft shapes and curves is, as yet, [a look] rarely seen in Singapore [residential interiors]. The idea of having pieces that are unique to every location also makes each item almost a desirable object,” they explain.

Penthouse with Mediterranean inspired interiors

The apartment’s layout has been reconstructed to achieve the desired vision of a bright and airy home with Mediterranean vibes. “The original space felt very confined. Despite it being a penthouse, it felt more like a stacked up apartment just because you can’t feel the space as it was very much separated into different zones,” says their interior designer, Rei.

“What I really liked, however, was the amount of natural light that comes into the house through the extensive glass doors at the living area and the floor-to-ceiling windows at the stairway. So one major factor was to be able to bring this brightness into every part of the house,” she continues.

curved stairway

The home’s blueprint has been reworked for better flow. Lots of thought has also gone into the details such as concealed doors, ducted air conditioning, and the incorporation of curves that create the sense of movement. As Rei explains, “Every part of the design has its purpose that adds to the overall feel of the house.”

open concept kitchen in penthouse

When at home, the couple enjoy spending time with their five felines. The designer saw the opportunity to artfully integrate an elegant cat play tree into the apartment while visually broadening the narrow stairway. This was achieved by extending the first few steps sideways to form a platform for the cat zone.

balcony outdoor dining

Indoor-outdoor living is key to the Mediterranean lifestyle. Beyond the ample light and elegant use of natural materials, the dining area is located on the generous balcony that’s perfect for laid-back meals or to entertain. Large glass panels further amplify the transparency between the inside and outside.

penthouse with sculptural lights from Makhno Studio

Given Joseph’s background in the lighting industry, it is perhaps no surprise that lots of attention has gone into the way the home is lit. Artisanal light fixtures by Makhno Studio, carried in Singapore by Sol Luminaire’s Galerie 5, hang like floating sculptures on the stairway and in the master suite, blending perfectly with the home’s aesthetic.

master bedroom with penthouse with sculptural lights from Makhno Studio

All the lights are also tuned to a precise 2700W temperature for a warm and cosy ambience. “The right temperature allows one to be in the mood. We joke that we feel so comfortable in our place that we don’t quite want to go to work every day!” say the couple.

wardrobe in penthouse

This home is an oasis, and the interior embraces like fine cashmere. Now that’s luxury.


Photography by Studio Periphery

bathroom custom rock wall
concealed door
LAB2.1 lighting
Mediterranean inspired bedroom with rock wall
luxurious marbled bathroom

Shop The Look
Living area
Engineered wood flooring from Wood & Wood
Custom marble coffee table, marble from Hafary
Bauwerk paint effect on walls and ceiling, from Tsuri

Custom marble island unit, marble from Hafary

Master bedroom
Custom rock wall headboard in master suite, material from Design Vault
Hanging bedside light from Makhno Studio, Galerie 5
Bauwerk paint effect on walls and ceiling, from Tsuri

Master bathroom
Marble vanity unit, marble from Hafary
Bamboo marble feature wall, marble from Hafary
Microcement floor and wall finishes, from Tsuri

Common bathroom
Big format tiles from RICE
Custom rock wall feature, material from Design Vault

Pendant lights from Makhno Studio, Galerie 5

Overall, lights in home from Sol Luminaire and Galerie 5

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