How to create the ideal atmosphere for entertaining at home

Creating the ultimate entertaining space is about setting the right mood, which gives you the confidence to entertain, even at the last minute. Follow these essential decorating tips to get your home ready to host.

Text by Asih Jenie

Creating a home that’s ready to host is more than just having a home bar or a secondary kitchen. Today, home entertaining spaces are simplistic in layout, forgoing formal features for more open, yet intimate settings to keep you and your guests engaged at all times. The emphasis is on using your space – whether big or small – effectively to set the right mood that gives you confidence to entertain, even at the last minute. Thankfully, with just a few simple decorating tricks, creating the ultimate home entertaining space is easier than you think.

home entertaining tips by SCENE SHANG with The BANKER Desk Lamp


Lighting is an often overlooked element, but drastically alters the ambience of a space. However, it’s not necessary to rejig your lighting plan in order to create an impact. Sometimes, subtle lighting is all you need to delight your senses and your guests. Simply string up fairy lights to bring instant cheer to any plain wall, or dress up a simple table lamp, like the classic The BANKER Desk lamp from SCENE SHANG, with small decorative items like the Middle Kingdom glazed porcelain vases. The layering of light throughout the space is more effective than having one distinct ambient light to illuminate the space.


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Download this cheat sheet and find out what else you can do to create the ideal atmosphere for entertaining at home!


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