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Practical organisation is key to the success of this remodel

A host of storage solutions keep things in perfect order for this family of three.

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,500sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

What does a home mean? For most homeowners, it is a space to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work. Home is a space that gives the freedom to be one’s true self, among other things. For this family of three, their four-bedroom condominium must be a functional space where the family can connect during their free time. “They want consistency and neatness in the entire place. They also want everything to be covered up,” says designer Jocelyn Shu of Metier Planner.

The family needed as much storage solutions as possible to accommodate their belongings and lifestyle. So, a comprehensive plan for storage and practical organisation were the team’s priorities. These solutions had to also blend seamlessly into the design concept.

practical storage and organisation in condo living area by Metier Planner

A full-wall television feature fronts the living area. This custom design includes a series of shallow cabinets and drawers for storing things like books, gadgets and DVDs. Jocelyn also added slim niches and display shelves covered with glass panels to keep dust out.

practical storage and organisation in condo dining area by Metier Planner

The dining area, too, holds storage solutions by way of the cabinets to one side and the customised dining bench. “Since the apartment is blessed with high ceilings, we managed to add more storage at the feature wall area,” adds the designer.

practical storage and organisation in condo bedroom by Metier Planner practical storage and organisation in condo bedroom study by Metier Planner

The same goes for the bedrooms, where full-wall wardrobes have been incorporated where possible. One bedroom is fitted with a custom platform bed with in-built drawers. By customising, Jocelyn was also able to include storage cabinets at the bedhead area, as well as a study area with overhead storage.

practical storage and organisation in condo daughter's room by Metier Planner

For the daughter’s bedroom, Jocelyn lined the carpentry works in a combination of pink and woodgrain laminates. She also proposed sliding doors for the wardrobes to aid ease of movement in the bedrooms. Notably, too, the toilet area is sealed off as a cubicle in the bathroom, separating the vanity and bathtub.

practical storage and organisation in condo master bedroom by Metier Planner

A primary palette of woodgrains is used throughout the apartment to create a strong sense of consistency. Unlike the other spaces, the master bedroom is decked out in darker woodgrains and black strips for an industrial touch. Visual interest is injected into the spaces with surprising colours.

practical storage and organisation in condo bathroom by Metier Planner

In the bathrooms, design tiles are used to introduce patterns and to create a focal point. These add playful touches to the home. That said, the homeowners and designer have achieved their primary intent: to create a low-maintenance, well-equipped home that can support the family through the changes of life.

Metier Planner

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