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Established: 2018

Metier Planner

Profile image: From left - Siow Bee Wee, Senior Designer; Jocelyn Shu, Principal Designer; Simon Toh, Interior Design Consultant; Jaslynn Shu, Senior Designer
Location: National Gallery Singapore. To Metier Planner, the National Gallery Singapore is a perfect example of how they can redecorate a space that has been there for decades, but still looks timeless and neat. This is a guiding principle that the firm follows.

Design philosophy:
A well-designed home should be cosy, well-balanced and most importantly be able to bring out the characteristics of each inhabitant. As a comfortable nest that welcomes you back home, it should be as timeless as it is functional and tailors to the owner’s day-to-day activities.

Interior design brings life into every space. We love exploring and playing with different materials, ideas and colours, and we always attempt to be bold and different. We aim to create a sense of uniqueness in a space while maintaining the sense of belonging for the homeowners.

Passion for design:
Our team has very close bonds with one another and we often brainstorm to discuss our projects. We believe that no man is an island. Different designers have different points of view, and working as a team adds value to every home we work on. We also love to explore new designs by injecting a unique element into each project.

“Every homeowner comes to us with their dreams, but it all boils down to the practicality and functionality of the design.”
– Jocelyn Shu, Principal Designer

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