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A neutral-toned terrace house that’s made for relaxation

This modern contemporary family home by Black N White Haus is a cocoon of calm, with a light colour palette and practical yet stylish features to minimise clutter.

Home Type: 4-bedroom terrace house

Floor Area: 3,200sqft

Text by Angela Low

Six is a crowd in this 3,200sqft terrace house, which spans three floors and houses a couple in their 40s, their three young kids, and a domestic helper. Nevertheless, the designers of Black N White Haus managed to create a safe haven for this sizable family and acceded to the homeowners’ every request, while maintaining an airy feel to the space.

terrace house study St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

The couple’s chief desire was for a modern contemporary look with a fuss-free design that’s easy to maintain. Considering that the man of the house is a frequent flyer and spends much of his time running a business, and the amount of effort that goes into taking care of three school-going children, the last thing the owners needed was an impractical abode.

In response to their needs, the designers formulated a design with plenty of built-in storage, clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. A predominantly neutral colour scheme, with gentle dark wood and stone-like accents make way for a more laid-back ambience.

terrace house living room St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

A subtle symphony of grey, white and beige appears in the living room coupled with layered mood lighting that highlights the stone-effect TV feature wall. Meanwhile, a vertical display shelving feature lends a dedicated space for the family to showcase their belongings. During the day, the space enjoys ample sunlight that pours in from the massive, full-height windows.

As cooking is one of the couple’s favourite pastimes, having a functional dry kitchen and an airy wet kitchen was of utmost importance to them. Instead of segregating the cooking and dining spaces, the designer melded the spaces smoothly together, like peanut butter and jelly. This open approach not only maximises the space, but also creates a larger communal area that accommodates more guests.

terrace house kitchen and dining St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

Such a fluid and open layout makes it easier for the couple to interact with their friends whenever they host a dinner party. Besides modifying the adjacent guest room to enlarge the kitchen, the designer also installed a larger workstation in the kitchen so there will be more room for food preparation and cooking.

terrace house staircase St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

Instead of letting awkward corners such as the space beneath the staircase go to waste, the designer transformed them into storage zones to maximise the limited footprint. By the husband’s request, a mezzanine has also been erected within the master bedroom to house the study area and mini library.

terrace house master bedroom mezzanine St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

Structurally, the construction posed a challenge due to the sharp angles and tapered ceiling of the master bedroom. Yet, it’s also the reason why the owners wanted a mezzanine, which emphasises ceilig height and provides a cosy spot that overlooks the cathedral-esque shape of the house’s architecture. Storage units line the walls of the home office, and a slender desk overlooks the sleeping space beneath and the views beyond through the double volume windows.

terrace house home theater St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

The basement, which has natural sound insulation has been converted into an entertainment room that functions mainly as a home theatre. Here, the lack of space plays to its advantage in creating a private, intimate lounge.

terrace house St Nicholas View by Black N White Haus

While the rest of the house boasts light hues and soft finishes, the bathroom uses textured walls and a darker palette for a more dramatic and luxurious spa-like look. Overall, the redesign of the terrace house came together beautifully to create a cocoon of calm – a stylish yet tranquil home to return to and unwind in.

Black N White Haus

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