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A complete makeover transformed this house into an urban cocoon

Design of Schatz gave this tired house a complete makeover that refreshed and revitalised the interiors.

Home Type: 5-bedroom terrace house

Floor Area: 3,000sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

This sprawling house is home to a family with three kids and a helper. The owners, in their late 40s, have a penchant for simple and practical design. This is right in the wheelhouse of creative studio Design of Schatz. Despite being an old property, the renovation gave the house a much-needed update that modernised the interiors. Furthermore, the design team made sure that every family members’ needs are met.

urban cocoon | Design of Schatz - living room

“This is an old terrace house, which had to be reconstructed to a layout that fits the family’s needs,” say the designers. The sunken living room features a framed television console with playful diagonal woodgrains and varying drawer heights with modern finishing. Coupled with a cushy sofa that screams comfort, the tranquil setting and all-round inviting home reveals no traces of oldness.

urban cocoon | Design of Schatz - dining area

The design team wanted to fully utilise every corner of the house. This included the commonly forgotten spot underneath the staircase. They turned this unused space into a corner that showcases the owners’ favourite art objects and books, thus bringing joy to the dining space. They also added practical storage drawers to the bottom, then equipped it with bottom-lit shelves. Black railings, white walls and wood accents create an everlasting environment fit for family time or gatherings.

urban cocoon | Design of Schatz - kitchen

The highlight of the house is the open-concept kitchen. Folding doors that lead to the backyard can be closed on warmer days or opened up to make room, while inviting natural light and air to circulate, or for a romantic dinner under the night sky. Classic colours fill the kitchen with neat carpentry and a practical island for meal preparation.

urban cocoon | Design of Schatz - bedroom

Dialling down with fewer colours, the bedroom portrays a quieter expression. The sunken bed creates a sense of enclosure akin to an urban cocoon. Unobtrusive carpentry with black outlines forms the wardrobe, lending a calming effect through tactile materiality. A tiny desk area was carved out for work; only if absolutely necessary as if reminding its inhabitants that this is a room for rest.

Design of Schatz

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