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Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

Ethereall designed a fun, safe and practical home for a couple to raise their toddler in.

  • Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

  • Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

  • Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

  • Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

  • Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 950sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

There are limitations as to what you can change in an HDB flat. But there are certainly no limits to creativity, especially in this residence. Home to a couple and their toddler, this flat has been tailored by Levonne Chan of Ethereall to suit not only their needs and lifestyles, but also highlight their appreciation for the little things in life.

creative hdb flat by Ethereall (2)

The functional aspect of a design is equally, if not, more important than the space planning and design aesthetic. This is the reason why the shoe storage at the front entrance doubles as seating, making it convenient to put on and remove footwear. The full-length mirror also makes a great addition to the space for last-minute touch-ups and to reflect more light into this otherwise dark space.

creative hdb flat by Ethereall (3)

Simple yet substantial, these thoughtful details transcend further into the rest of the flat. The kitchen door, for instance, needed to be secured in place when opened as the breeze from the service yard could sway the door. This is especially dangerous with a toddler crawling around the flat, so a door closer was installed for added safety.

creative hdb flat by Ethereall (4)

As the kitchen space is rather tight, Levonne had the wall between the kitchen and dining partially demolished for a more spacious outlook, with half-height glass windows encasing the opening. This solution also facilitates greater interaction and makes it easier for the couple to keep an eye on their daughter when they’re in the kitchen.

creative hdb flat by Ethereall

While these functional details are the makings of a successful design, Levonne also paid particular attention to material and colour selection. This is most apparent in the main living space, where laminates of varying colours and textures hide the household shelter and clad the TV feature wall. The concrete-look floor tiles further solidify the industrial-inspired look.

creative hdb flat by Ethereall (5)

In contrast, the bedrooms sport wood-look tiles to delineate the private from the communal spaces. “We maximised storage space in the master bedroom by lining two rows of wardrobe on each side, similar to the galley kitchen,” shares Levonne. “In doing so, we reserved a decent amount of space to accommodate a queen-sized bed and two nightstands.”

Yet, the most interesting feature in the room is the display shelving that nests within an indented wall. Says Levonne: “We didn’t just want to cover it up with partition board, just so to keep it flushed with the rest of the wall. It would be such a waste so I decided to build a narrow display storage that sits flush against the wall instead.” This divergent thinking of Levonne further demonstrates her creativity in utilising space efficiently and creating beautiful interiors as a result.


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