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The effective use of bold colours and patterns to inject a fun vibe in this flat

Bold colours and funky patterns give this home a vibrant and youthful feel, and perfectly reflect the owners’ personalities.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 990sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

When designing this couple’s four-room HDB flat, IN-EXPAT took into account the couple’s individual interests. One is a tech enthusiast, and the other an avid traveller and reader. That said, both share a love of bold colours and funky patterns. The owners also love having cement screed walls and cement-inspired floor tiles. With all that in mind, designer Jasmine Chia of IN-EXPAT explored an eclectic design with industrial touches.

bold colours and patterns in HDB flat living space by IN-EXPAT

To accommodate the many ornaments and artworks that the wife has collected over her travels, we installed a full-height shelving unit that doubles as a subtle screen divider,” says Jasmine. Grey surfaces serve as a base colour for the home, which allows the brightly coloured artworks and furnishings to pop.

bold colours and patterns in HDB flat kitchen by IN-EXPAT

“Naturally, bold colours and patterns were introduced into each space,” Jasmine says, adding that her clients are fans of grey, orange, green and blue. “We needed to ensure that the whole design would work harmoniously without having the colours and materials clash.” Like the living area, other spaces are anchored by shades of grey.

bold colours and patterns in HDB flat kitchen by IN-EXPAT (2)

Bold colours, however, make a splash in the kitchen. Dark green laminated kitchen cabinets and colourful floor tiles contrast against the rust-inspired countertop and backsplash. The cement screed walls also add visual texture to the space.

bold colours and patterns in HDB flat master bedroom by IN-EXPAT (2)

While the other rooms have been used by the couple as a man cave and a she shed, where they can indulge in their favourite colours for their individual spaces, the master bedroom is a calm and soothing space. As with most homeowners, storage is of paramount concern for the couple. To meet their storage needs in the master bedroom, the designer constructed a platform bed. This customised design holds large drawers that supplement the storage space in the wardrobe.

bold colours and patterns in HDB flat bedroom and bathroom by IN-EXPAT

A conventional wardrobe can often make a room appear boxy and smaller. The couple opted for an open one, which softens the space by adding shapes and textures into the space. In addition, the designer aimed to create contrast by cladding the wardrobe and the platform bed in different woodgrain laminates. Painting the wall opposite the bed in two shades of grey is a simple and effective way of adding playful interest to the space. Smart lighting is also incorporated into the bedroom for ease of use and satisfies the owner’s love of tech. In all, IN-EXPAT has delivered a vibrant home that matches the personalities of the homeowners.


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