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A Bidadari HDB flat gets whipped into shape for a young couple

Warm and inviting, yet sleek and orderly, this BTO flat is a picture of comfort and serenity for the couple who resides here.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,011sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

This brand new Bidadari HDB flat marks the young couple’s first home together. To get the BTO flat move-in ready to their exacting standards, they enlisted designer Gabriel Ng of HOFT.

Bidadari HDB BTO living area by HOFT

“Unlike many young couples who often ask for all-white interiors, the homeowners specifically asked for a darker, moodier colour palette,” Gabriel notes. This is evident upon entry with marble-look flooring and soft furnishing of grey hues, and dark wood furniture and laminated finishing throughout the main living space.

Bidadari HDB BTO dining by HOFT

To offset the heavy palette, Gabriel had the dining area wall removed, creating open, interconnected spaces as a result. Even with such a tight footprint, the designer was able to fit a sizable table that can comfortably seat five adults.

Bidadari HDB BTO dining by HOFT (2)

An opening was carved out of the kitchen, enabling the couple to experience an open-concept kitchen, yet providing the option to enclose it during heavy cooking or baking with the addition of frameless glass siding panels. Even the kitchen door is primarily composed of glass for its permeable quality. For added interest and to divert attention from the opening, Gabriel created a custom backdrop beneath it with laminates and thin strips of wood that complement the dining furniture.

Bidadari HDB BTO kitchen by HOFT

The porosity of the galley kitchen is further accentuated with a bifold door and louvred windows that allow natural light from the yard to flood the kitchen. These also encourage better cross ventilation and draw out lingering food smell. Another highlight here is the bespoke mild steel dish rack suspended above the sink, which is not only functional, but also maintains a degree of transparency.

Bidadari HDB BTO master bedroom by HOFT

In the master bedroom, the L-shaped wardrobe with integrated vanity makes effective use of space. While the suspended backlit mirror ensures that grooming is on point every time, the streamlined design aids in keeping the bedroom neat and orderly.

Bidadari HDB BTO common room by HOFT (2)

The common room, on the other hand, sports a more playful vibe with a multi-coloured feature wall and lighter-coloured cabinetry.

Bidadari HDB BTO bathroom by HOFT

Similarly, the bathroom gets a pick-me-up with a spot of pink by way of a washbasin. The rounded washbasin and arched mirror make great additions in the bathroom, breaking up the angularity of the space. Like everything in life, this Bidadari HDB flat also needs variety, be it texture, material or colour, to be interesting.


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