5 ways to improve your well-being at home

From clutter-proofing to light therapy to materials, wellness design trends are here to stay and make the home a healthier and happier place.

  • 5 ways to improve your well-being at home

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Toxic-free furniture

Furniture pieces are often made using composite wood, dyes and resins, which can release harmful chemicals such as CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These air pollutants can impact one’s physical and mental health and overall well-being so it is best to shop for sustainable and carbon-negative products. Kave Home Singapore’s range of furniture will set your mind at ease as its products are produced using recycled materials and wood with low formaldehyde and zero emissions. It’s all part of their goal to move towards a more sustainable future.

(Top image) Mihaela 3-seater sofa is available at Kave Home Singapore

glare-free lighting for well-being

Light therapy

Ambient lighting of a warmer colour temperature can naturally make any room feel welcoming. It’s also important to consider comfortable glare-free lighting, which doesn’t put any strain on the eyes. Casting a pleasant ambience, the iconic PH 5 lamp by Louis Poulsen directs most of the light downwards with a soothing lateral glow that is 100 per cent glare free. It now comes in four new pastel hue combinations.

PH 5 lamp is available at Louis Poulsen

calm colours for well-being

Peaceful palette

Colour can influence our emotions and well-being. According to colour psychology studies, a very bright shade of red excites us more than a light and neutral tone like grey or white. Evoking calmness and composure is Lamitak’s Intervention collection. Its Salt Microcement laminate colour is a grounding shade that speaks to the idea of slow living. The coolness is offset with a balanced pairing of warm woody hues from the Sven Knarvick Birch laminate.

Intervention laminate collection is available at Lamitak

quiet spots for meditation and well-being

A quiet place

Be it for yoga, meditation or me-time without your phone, there should be a dedicated area of respite for you to relax and recharge. Any corner, even an awkwardly-spaced nook can be turned into a good spot to decompress, but sprucing it up with atmospheric elements will heighten the sense of retreat. Padded seating, a dark and comforting colour scheme and controlled lighting in

this chill-out nook by the window encourages one to linger for hours.    

Design by MONOCOT

Cluttered to calm – A designer’s tips for keeping your home neat

Mess causes stress. Fortunately, clutter is one of life’s easiest stressors to fix and applying the right design solutions can nip it in the bud. Niamh MacFadden, Creative Director from Make Room, gives her tips to conquering clutter at home and improving your sense of well-being.

Front Entrance

Invest in closed storage, and consider tall furniture pieces as a space-efficient means to store your things.

kitchen pantry storage


Allocate small countertop appliances and equipment to a designated compartment and install pocket sliding doors to close off the visual clutter when not in use.

Kid’s Room

A feature wall of shelves for books and games frees the floor area. Adding colour with a rug or a decorative wall also visually draws the eye around the room, instead of having attention focused on piles of toys on the floor.

This article first appeared in Lookbox Annual 2023

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