Ask a building biologist: How healthy is my home?

Building biologist Melanie Chua offers quick tips on what to look out for, and how to ensure your home keeps you in good health.

  • Ask a building biologist: How healthy is my home?

What are the key factors at home that can impact my health?

We are bio-electric beings, so every cell in our bodies operates according to electrical impulses. Artificial EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in our environment interfere with this basic cellular communication. Many of the common health symptoms (headache, vertigo and anxiety) are really environmental sensitivities that we don’t notice being in the same routine day after day.

The other vital factors are the quality of air and water. They should not only be free from contaminants, but also be biologically suitable so that our indoor environments remain vital systems connected to nature, rather than enclosed boxes.

How can these problems be addressed?

I always look at the space in relation to the person’s health, needs and goals. This is so steps can be taken towards creating a sanctuary where one can recover biologically and be connected to one’s larger environment. Depending on the findings, the final steps can include identifying where EMFs may be a concern and mitigating them, creating a sleep sanctuary that will help one achieve deep recuperative sleep, setting up the best water supply that one can for drinking, and replacing furnishings with low- or no-toxin alternatives.

Melanie Chua is a certified building biologist from the Building Biology Institute and the founder of Building Biology Asia. Melanie blends building biology principles with conscious lifestyle to create environments that help people realise their fullest potential, whether they are stay-at-home parents, busy executives or business owners.

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