Amazing three-room flat transformations for solo life

Check out these brave three-room flat designs that turn standard HDB living into something quite spectacular.

  • Amazing three-room flat transformations for solo life

Top image: Project by Arkhilite
Text by Janice Seow

The average floor area of a three-room flat is around 700 square feet, which is a decent size if it’s for a single occupant. With the right eye for spatial possibilities and a brave outlook, a humble flat can become one’s dream home.

If you’re looking for bold ideas for your three-room unit, take a look at these projects.

#1 Connecting every room

three-room flat

This 752-square-foot resale flat from the ‘70s is home to a bachelor. As seen from the floor plan, the designers have connected all the rooms such that the different zones flow easily from one to the next. The entrance to the master bedroom has been moved to the side of the unit for privacy, and has been made slightly smaller to accommodate a spacious walkway. One can enter the master bedroom from here through fluted bi-fold glass doors, and continue on into the second room (now the walk-in wardrobe), followed by the dual entry Jack and Jill bathroom (made larger as a combined common and master toilet), kitchen/dining area and living space. Or, do it in reverse!

three-room flat

The new layout allows the owner to entertain guests comfortably, while still enjoying privacy and spaces better suited to solo living.

3-room flat floor plan

Design by Insight.Out Studio. Click here for the full story

#2 Transformer flat 

transformer flat by Chalk Architects

An IT consultant lives in this 732-square-foot, three-room flat in Pasir Ris. She enjoys spending time alone, but also having a few close friends over for mahjong sessions. Her niece stays over occasionally.

transformer flat by Chalk Architects

As such, the small unit has been designed to suit both solo and social life, and to maximise ever inch of space. Non-structural walls have been demolished to achieve an open plan.

The corridor has been converted into a larger, usable entertainment/mahjong space. This area also functions as a workspace, and a guest room that can be closed off with sliding panels. Not to mention, it’s a buffer between the public and private (bedroom).

transformer flat by Chalk Architects

In this flexible home, the dining table is a transformable piece of furniture that can be stowed away when not in use. The television also sits on a panel that can slide across to conceal the rooms beyond.

3-room flat floor plan

Design by Chalk Architects. Click here for the full story

#3 For maximum efficiency and a view

project by Arkhilite

This 700-square-foot, three-room flat in Commonwealth had two equal-sized bedrooms. Although it also had two bathrooms, neither room was connected to one. The unit had one advantage however – it looked out onto majestic rain trees.

A new layout delineates the public and private zones diagonally on plan. This has expanded the size of the bedroom and created a path to a newly formed en-suite bathroom.

Project by Arkhilite

In the living room, an island centrepiece houses the entertainment system and storage, and conceals two problematic structural columns that had previously affected circulation and been visually compromising. There’s also a display for toys here as the owner is an avid toy collector. On the other side of this island is a sleeping nook for guests that can be closed off with curtains or pulled back to open up the space. There is now a greater sense of movement and openness, accentuated by the view out the windows. A glass panel also replaces a bedroom wall, so there’s a direct visual connection to the trees even from the resting quarters.

3-room flat floor plan

Design by ARKHILITE. Click here for the full story


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