BTO flat layouts: Cool 3-room unit transformations

They may be small, but these homes show that living in a three-room BTO flat can be really cool. Here’s how they have broken the mould.

  • BTO flat layouts: Cool 3-room unit transformations

Text by Janice Seow

#1 The one with two kitchen entrances

Who lives in this BTO flat: A young couple and their two dogs

Idea 1: Golden pod storage divider

What do you do when the only views out are into a neighbour’s unit? You look inwards instead. In this case, a golden mirrored pod draws the eye inwards to reflect ‘living moments’ in the home while visually doubling the space.

3-room BTO flat

If also offers two entryways between the kitchen/main entrance and the main living area. When desired, pocket sliding doors can close off the kitchen and the pathway to the main entrance completely, too.

What’s more, this compact pod serves up storage that can be accessed on either side.

golden kitchen

Idea 2: Embracing a lowered ceiling

Navigating unsightly beams is a common challenge in BTO flats. In this case, the designers have embraced this feature.

3-room BTO flat

With the shifting of the common bathroom, the ceiling beams located there have been concealed thus lowering the ceiling height. This now more intimate area has then been turned into a cosy workspace within the open living space, with the lowered ceiling serving as a subtle space separator.

3-room BTo flat floor plan
3-room BTo flat floor plan

Designed by Open Studio. See the full story here

#2 Two rooms are now one

Who lives in this BTO flat: A young couple

Idea: Combining two bedrooms

The idea of merging two rooms to create a larger master suite is not new, but this project makes use of the enlarged room a little differently.

bedroom with study

The new configuration allows for wardrobe and storage cabinets on both sides of the room, with a slot catered to a work desk.

external vanity in flat

The owners also wanted the luxury of a spacious en-suite bathroom that would be large enough to accommodate a tub.

bathroom with tub

To achieve this, the designers have taken space from the common bathroom (and turned it into a powder room instead), and placed the vanity outside the master bedroom’s bathing area. The vanity is also a generous space with loads of storage cabinets to keep the home nice and clutter-free.

3-room BTO flat floor plan

Designed by IN-EXPAT. See the full story here

#3 A different kind of merge

Who lives in this BTO flat: An interior designer and his wife

Idea 1: Kitchen rehaul

The interior designer living here has taken down all non-structural walls and designed his home from scratch. The idea was to create a free-flowing plan that could still be private when needed.

3-room BTO flat

With the rehaul, the typical BTO kitchen is now a high functioning space for cooking that transits smoothly into a peninsula counter for dining and entertaining. The nifty kitchen cabinet door doubles as the door to the kitchen that is only used to enclose the space during heavy cooking.

black kitchen

Idea 2: All in one

In this flat, the different zones and rooms are essentially one fluid space, but with privacy features inserted where needed. The master bedroom’s shōji inspired sliding doors can be open wide to maintain visual connection with the common area, or be closed when required.

3-room BTO flat

The original master bedroom at the end of the unit is now a generous wardrobe/storage space that the owners can access, unheeded by any door separator. Notably too, the new configuration means that both the master and common bathrooms can be easily used by anyone visiting, providing added convenience.

3-room BTO floor plan
3-room BTO flat floor plan

Designed by arche°. See the full story here

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