Unexpected ideas for an HDB flat designed for low-key living

With clean lines, ample storage and unexpected ideas, OVON has conceived a home that’s made for chilling out.

  • Unexpected ideas for an HDB flat designed for low-key living

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,184sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

In a complex world, it’s hardly surprising that the desire for simplicity is enduring and minimalist interiors always remain in style. That said, crafting a simple home with personality can be a challenging endeavour.

For their resale HDB flat in Queenstown, one young couple sought out OVON to design a minimalist home where they could enjoy a quiet and relaxed lifestyle. They also needed the unit to provide plenty of storage space.


The brick veneers, wood-look vinyl flooring, and simple bench create a calming foyer where they can transition from the outside. A partition separates it from the rest of the home, offering added privacy.

minimalist HDB flat

Inside, the living area is spacious, made more open with minimal furnishings. Instead of a standard sofa, the couple opted for two lounge chairs that would provide individual comfort while they unwind at the end of the day.

minimalist HDB flat

Here, the shiplap-like feature wall brings personality to the space via the bold curved design. It also contains lots of concealed storage to fulfil the couple’s storage needs.

minimalist HDB flat

By keeping the furnishings minimal, they now have sufficient space for a six-seater dining set. The furniture pieces in brown and woody shades give the dining area a sense of groundedness.

bi-fold doors to kitchen

The interior design team reconfigured the kitchen, removing part of the wall to shift the entrance. Folding black-framed glass doors were then installed to keep cooking fumes confined to the kitchen when they cook.

shaker-style and farmhouse kitchen

Touches of the farmhouse style, from the Shaker-style cabinets to the farmhouse kitchen sink, inject personality into the pristine and whitewashed kitchen.

white kitchen

The design team also combined the service yard and kitchen to further enhance the sense of space.


The less-is-more philosophy was maintained in the master bedroom. However, the designers moved away from a predominantly white palette and brought in wood finishes and shades of grey for a cosy ambience. The layout was also restructured to accommodate a large wardrobe.

white bathroom

OVON went for design consistency in both bathrooms. Homogeneous marble-patterned tiles and white storage units make these spaces appear understated yet luxurious.

white bathroom

Overall, while each space in this HDB flat is in essence, minimalist, the use of colour, texture, and space planning has transformed the entire unit into a home filled with personality.

minimalist HDB flat


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