Creativity at play – d’Phenomenal

d’Phenomenal reimagines the concept of ‘nature at home’ with playful statements, bold colour combinations that bring on different moods, and interesting lighting strategies.

  • Creativity at play – d’Phenomenal

Text by Olha Romaniuk

Project type: 4-room HDB flat
Floor area: 950sqft

The dining and living area is kept simple and calming earth tones have been chosen to make the compact space feel brighter and more spacious. A grey tabletop with a stone-like finish stands out beautifully against the whitewashed walls and, likewise, a cream-coloured living room rug brings balance to the grey tiled floor. Along the walls, gentle curves give the home an organic feel that’s reminiscent of the natural world.

In contrast to the neutral palette found in the living and dining area, the kitchen evokes a dark and broody feel, where lighting becomes an even more important element to highlight curvatures, nooks and textures. Here, the choice of darker colours bring emphasis to niche-like pockets for kitchen appliances and cabinets, the lighter flooring, and different ceiling heights that lend a touch of quirkiness to the kitchen.

A dark and moody foyer that transitions into a brighter living area enhances the spatial experience when one first enters the home. The eye is also easily drawn to the juxtaposition of different materials and patterns on the floor, which are playfully enhanced by a curvilinear shape that is repeated in different details further in.

d'Phenomenal project

This home emphasises harmony with nature with its earthy colours and incorporation of plants. Lighting is strategically used to highlight design features as well. For example, a small nook next to the dining area is highlighted by strips of light to bring attention to a small display cabinet and enhance the overall atmosphere.



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