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A tiny apartment with a big personality

Bespoke carpentry works and a modern luxe material ensemble by Joey Khu ID turn this petite condominium unit into a spacious and sophisticated bachelor’s pad.

Home Type: 1-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 484sqft

Text by Disa Tan

living room in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID (2)

Granted that 484sqft is not a lot of space to work with, the designers from Joey Khu ID managed to get more out of less by executing an enduring modern luxury theme for this tiny apartment. They favoured the use of dark wood textures and applied them as wall cladding for the living area. This consistent design treatment is prominent in the main parts of the home.

living room in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID

Wallpaper with classic striped patterns temper the heavy visual textures of the wood-effect KD veneer panels in the living room. The neutral wallpaper tone provides a gallery-inspired look to showcase the homeowner’s favourite piece — the Taliesin 2 floor lamp. Affording the space with an enchanting glow, the lamp designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright falls right into place with the mid-century modern lines of the Autoban sofa and Le Corbusier armchair.

kitchen in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID

Sleek monochromatic colour and material palettes of black coloured glass and white quartz surfaces define the galley kitchen. Despite the kitchen’s tight footprint, the design team managed to draw light into the dark confines of the cook space. The solution came in the form of reflective surfaces such as glass and quartz.

bedroom in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID (2)

In the master bedroom, striped wallpaper makes yet another appearance as a neutral backdrop to showcase artwork and a Gubi Adnet mirror with modern flair. Rather than employ bold colours or textures to dress up the wall, the designers utilised these artful accents as statement pieces for the bedroom.

bedroom in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID

Prominent on the other wall is an asymmetrical rhapsody of open shelving and an integrated console for in-room entertainment and work. This streamlined style treatment maximises the wall space and allows for more walking room, even after the addition of the full-height wardrobes.

White shelving accented by black groove lines and dividers further dress the KD veneer wall panels. Upon closer inspection, the wood-look patterns detail a silk-like pattern, which lend a sense of softness to the bedroom.

study desk in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID

A pull-out table of a wood-effect finish can be extended from the custom-built console. Other than setting a striking contrast against the dark-hued console, this compact workstation offers the flexibility of having additional tabletop space.

bathroom in tiny apartment by Joey Khu ID

In order to carve out more storage space in this tiny apartment, there were minor adjustments made to the entrance of the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom. A well-concealed nook next to the new bathroom entrance now houses the homeowner’s laundry necessities such as the ironing board and other cleaning tools. Enclosed by a sliding door with glass panels, the hotel-worthy appeal of the bathroom shines beyond the semi open-concept setting. Together with the space-savvy WC, towel ladder and tinted mirror, the mosaic tiles bearing a chic monochromatic colour palette fill the space with layers of modern opulence.

Joey Khu ID

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