Villa in the Sky is a collection of contrasts

Designed by Palindrome Spaces, Villa in the Sky weaves together contemporary aesthetics with traditional features in the heart of India.

Villa in the Sky is a collection of contrasts

Text by Saskia Neacsu

An amalgamation of contemporary aesthetics and traditional features, Villa in the Sky, designed by Palindrome Spaces, is a collection of contrasts. Located in Chennai, India, the sea-facing apartment sprawls over 5,000 square metres and showcases framed views of the Bay of Bengal. It’s an apartment that embodies the essence of Chennai’s coastal beauty and pays homage to South Indian culture.

The apartment is configured over an open, yet flexible floor plan, accommodating the needs of a small family and maximises views through expansive windows, creating a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces. Each space within the apartment is well-lit and intricately detailed in the layering of a light-colour palette. This design allows for the infiltration of natural light and complements the colour palette, which is tonally in tune with the coastal surroundings.

Vibrant features throughout the apartment evoke a sense of placement and honour South Indian culture, while rich textures and intricate woodwork showcase a refined level of craftsmanship.

Villa in the Sky is populated with handcrafted Burma teak furniture and symbolic artefacts, that embody the tumultuous beauty of the sea. The theme continues into the main bedroom, with a dramatic feature wall designed to emulate rippling waves, and a handwoven bedhead – an integral craft in Indian culture.

Contemporary aesthetics prevail in the living room, with the inclusion of modern furniture, including a sofa from BoConcept, Magari’s single-seater lounge chairs, and Olie Lights to illuminate the space. Set against curated artefacts, including botanical paintings, antique lamps and Tanjore paintings, the space expertly highlights Chennai’s cultural traditions and history.

Palindrome Spaces

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