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Mirrored walls and repurposed rooms expand a narrow layout visually

Aart Boxx Interior tackled a tight, rectilinear layout of a bachelor pad by repurposing rooms, as well as employing lots of mirrors and streamlined furnishings.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 926sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Situated within walking distance to Redhill MRT station, this apartment has been designed by Keith Lin of Aart Boxx Interior with a balance of luxury and simplicity that fulfils the living objectives of a bachelor timelessly. The design intent seeks to enhance spatial volume as the layout of the unit is tall but narrow, particularly in the living quarters.

mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (2)

Full length mirrors line one side of the wall and wherever possible, furniture pieces are cantilevered or uplifted with legs to create open, unobstructed spaces. Even lighting is kept soft and fixtures streamlined in design to elevate the mood of the apartment.

mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (3)

For added interest, 3M Dinoc film with woodgrain finish clad the other side of the wall and extends to the dining space, creating a warm cocoon for mealtimes while connecting the dining and living areas seamlessly.

mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (7)

“The surface’s minimal joint lines that render an almost perfect finishing is preferred over laminates as the owner is particular about the quality of materials and design,” explains Keith. Similarly, a large abstract art piece is deliberately hung off-centre, so it can be admired from every angle through the reflection of the mirror. This minute design detail further extends to the bedrooms.

mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (5)mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (4)

Given that the owner previously lived in a larger home and needed more storage space, Keith proposed to convert the master bedroom into a study with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe and mirrored wall to boot. As a result, it encourages a better flow between the usage of the en-suite and the wardrobe.

mirrored walls in condo by Aart Boxx Interior (6)

This interchange works out great as one of the smaller bedrooms with a better view of the neighbourhood now functions as the ‘master bedroom’. Here, a raised platform is constructed for storage beneath as there is insufficient space for a standard cupboard. Nevertheless, textured fibre boards and bedhead with cove lighting are used to create a layered effect that emulates a hotel luxe aesthetic as with the rest of the interior.

Aart Boxx Interior

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