The home of a LEGO and Harry Potter enthusiast

Swift Interior gives this home a magic touch by designing it around the homeowner’s love for LEGO and Harry Potter.

  • The home of a LEGO and Harry Potter enthusiast

Text by Airis Abdullah

The female owner of this five-room flat in Pasir Ris lives here with her parents and pet dog. “The owner wanted a simple and modern home with plenty of space for her fur baby to run around and play. One of her hobbies was LEGO, so storage was important and she wanted a big display to showcase her collection,” say the designers from Swift Interior. Aside from LEGO, the owner loves Harry Potter and these details set a solid foundation for the design concept.

The design team overhauled every surface and reconfigured the layout to fit the family’s needs. They also decided on a monochrome colour scheme to better showcase the homeowner’s colourful collection of LEGO.

Lego collector's flat

With a roomy communal space to work with now, the design team were able to insert a comfy sofa in the living area and a long dining table with bench seating next to it.

open-concept HDB executive flat

The reconfigured layout also sees a larger entrance to the kitchen as part of the goal to create a more free-flowing living space with an open plan.

executive flat

Opening up the kitchen for access via the foyer at the entrance was another big move. “The house is fortunate to have many windows, so we opened up the kitchen to bring lots of natural light into the space,” say the designers.

barnyard doors

The design team have chosen dark wood for the carpentry, while the doors to the rooms are white to brighten the space. The barn door design brings visual interest.

Lego collection

One bedroom houses a display area for the client’s LEGO collection. The team also ensured additional storage space at the top and bottom for the LEGO enthusiast to store boxes and future LEGO sets.

Lego collection display with hidden door

Knowing that the homeowner was a fan of Harry Potter, the designers wanted to create a ‘chamber of secrets’. The display cabinet for the LEGO collection also serves as a secret door leading to the master bedroom. “The technicality of creating a glass display cabinet with inbuilt lights that’s also a door that swings open was challenging,” they share.

walk-in wardrobe

Keeping to the theme, Swift Interior decked the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom in dark finishes and inserted a variety of storage options.

dark bathroom interior

Another bedroom is furnished simply with loose furniture. A unique detail of this home is the wardrobe, which has been built flush against a false wall. The quirky shape and swing give this room a playful and uplifting character.

bedroom with swing

Swift Interior

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