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A family-oriented home that caters to the needs of each inhabitant

Obbio Concept has created a modern and engaging family home that’s designed with all its inhabitants in mind.

Home Type: Semi-detached house

Floor Area: 3,000sqft

Text by Joseph Lim

The owners of this semi-detached house have two kids and look forward to weekly visits from their elderly parents. They desired a family-oriented home with spaces that would allow plenty of bonding time. The theme of the home is contemporary where the aesthetics remain timeless. The man of the house opted for dark and handsome undertones given his love for natural-looking wood finishes.

living room in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

The open-concept living and dining area is one expansive, communal space that’s perfect for family gatherings. The living room’s feature wall is covered in a cement-look laminate that gives the appearance of the real thing without the weight and hassle of installing it. Next to it is a walnut panel that creates visual interest while injecting warmth to this corner.

dining room in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

In the dining area, everyday family meals have become an occasion, all thanks to a carefully curated selection of materials working in cohesion. It’s hard to ignore the wood-strip panelling on the staircase’s vertical surfaces. Hidden doors below the staircase lead to a storage area, too. Used throughout the entire house, Admira’s Midnight Oak laminate offers a deeply satisfying and natural-looking, charcoal-like wood texture, which lends warmth to the family-focused spaces.

patio in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

A unique shaded patio is where a lush and green respite awaits the family. Situated just outside the dining area, the Chengal wooden deck and structure with composite panel creates a cosy atmosphere for family members to relax after a meal. Potted and hanging plants effectively help to create pockets of verdant bliss, too.

art corner in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

Situated on the third floor, this art corner is where the family bonds with their kids and encourage creative and imaginative thinking. The swivel table can open up for arts and crafts, or be swivelled to the side to make way for more floor space for family board games. The blinds allow the light to be adjusted to the tasks at hand.

master bedroom in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

The husband and wife always looks forward to retiring to the comforts of their master bedroom at the end of the day. Here, shades of mid-tone brown wood surfaces coupled with the upholstered soft fabric headboard come together to create a calming ambience.

walk-in wardrobe and study in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

The designers have created a dream walk-in wardrobe for the lady of the house. This cosy space features ample and well thought-out storage to house the wife’s prized apparels, shoes, bags and accessories. Alcove strip lights help to illuminate this space, allowing her to prep herself with ease.

To maintain a cohesive design language throughout the family-oriented home, this work zone features dark wood strips that embellish the cabinets beautifully. The light wood desktop lightens up the space slightly and alcove lighting further brightens the area, making it conducive for both studying and working.

entertainment area in family-oriented home by Obbio Concept

Adjoining the study is the entertainment area of sorts with backlit lights for a soft focus. The TV is mounted onto a custom panel on the wall, replete with a home entertainment system for superb movie nights that rivals the cinemas. On the far left reveals more storage and a mini bar, enclosed with sliding doors that take the form of dark wood strips. With tailored features at almost every corner of the house, they sensibly cater to the lifestyle of each dweller.

Obbio Concept

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