Expressions of nostalgia and mid-century modern style

This four-room resale flat is all personality with its bold and dynamic blend of mid-century modern and retro elements.

  • Expressions of nostalgia and mid-century modern style

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 960sqft

If home reflects the people who reside in them, it’s easy to guess that the owners of this colourful resale flat have adventurous personalities.

It’s a point that designers Charmian and Jordan from Ofthebox, who were engaged to work on this project, can agree with. They say: “The clients were very open to new ideas and were great to work with. They were clear on the things they liked and were happy to experiment with different things.”

Ofthebox project

The brief called for an eclectic and mid-century modern interior, and the inclusion of shades of burnt orange and teal, which the owners loved. To start with, the designers have broken down one room in this four-room flat to open up the public area, and the more spacious dining and living space can now accommodate a pantry and even an indoor balcony.

Nature is brought into the home by way of wallpapered walls and ceilings in large botanical prints that lend lushness to the interior.

Ofthebox project

In the foyer, a breeze block divider introduces a sense of nostalgia into the home. It’s strategic placement also extends this entry zone and provides an area for storage, while sealing off the original passageway to the rooms, and concealing parts of the public spaces from immediate view for greater privacy.

Ofthebox project

The curve framed wall between the living and dining area softens the space overall while subtly delineating the different zones. Curves are repeated in other areas as well, gentling sharp edges and ensuring a consistent design language. At the pantry, aqua-holographic mosaic tiles inject a pop of colour and ties in well with the nature-inspired colour scheme of predominately browns and greens.

Ofthebox project

The designers took every opportunity to bring function and beauty to different areas in the compact flat, even turning unassuming spots like the window next to the dining space, which had an unsightly structural beam, into a cosy breakfast ledge.

Burnt orange and teal find their way onto different surfaces, from tiles to walls and even the ceiling, enlivening the home with colour and warmth.

Like everywhere else in this flat, warm surfaces and furnishings imbue the master bedroom with a sense of nostalgia and mid-century modern style. The ensuite bathroom continues the nature theme with its wallpaper motifs, creating a look that is lush and everlasting.


Photography by Mesahausstudio

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Ofthebox project
Ofthebox project


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