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Bright and cheerful vibes in this spacious family home

A cheerful colour scheme, geometric carpentry work and an open-concept plan make this flat by DSOD Interior a bright and spacious home.

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,205sqft

Text by Asih Jenie

DSOD Interior turns a five-room flat into a bright and cheerful family home that feels spacious and looks sophisticated. They did this by combining ample natural light with bespoke elements, strategic placements of lines, and simple geometry.

bright and cheerful | DSOD Interior

Removing walls and merging rooms into bigger, open spaces is a tried and proven strategy to convey spaciousness in properties with limited footprints. DSOD Interior has taken this strategy up a notch in this living-dining area by introducing a bespoke partition that is, essentially, a composition of lines. The outline of this partition clearly demarcates areas without cutting off the visual access, creating two distinct zones in one open space.

bright and cheerful | DSOD Interior - living

Doubling as a TV console, this partition cleverly defines the living and the dining areas without obstructing the openness of the whole space. The timber top of the TV console is cantilevered – a small and simple gesture that creates an illusion of levitation, further reinforcing the sense of lightness in the room.

bright and cheerful | DSOD Interior - kitchen

The material palette in this family home is restrained and effective, comprising light paint colours (white and powder blue), blond wood and light wood-textured tiles. A strip of wood-textured tiles on the floor leads to the bedroom corridor. This strip separates the wet kitchen, which is neatly hidden behind the panelled white wall, from the living and dining areas, which feature grey tile flooring.

bright and cheerful | DSOD Interior - bedroom

DSOD Interior has made sure that each room has enough natural daylight and uses artificial lights to enhance the concept of lightness. In the kids’ bedroom, for example, a strip of LED light has been installed on the bunk bed’s slide, creating indirect glow that serves as a comforting night light for the kids while making the wall appears to be floating.

DSOD Interior

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