“Bright and shiny” apartment dressed in mirrors, crystals and gold laminates

This classy yet opulent condominium apartment has been designed to look like a modern palace.

  • “Bright and shiny” apartment dressed in mirrors, crystals and gold laminates

  • “Bright and shiny” apartment dressed in mirrors, crystals and gold laminates

  • “Bright and shiny” apartment dressed in mirrors, crystals and gold laminates

  • “Bright and shiny” apartment dressed in mirrors, crystals and gold laminates

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium apartment

Floor Area: 1,300sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

The team from Flo Design described this family home as modern, bright and shiny. They applied gold laminates and tinted mirror surfaces selectively throughout, giving this four-bedroom condominium a classy opulence that draws to mind a royal palace in an urban city. Swarovski crystal lights also line the living space, adding glamour to the interiors. This combination of gold laminates, tinted mirror surfaces and crystal embellishments lend greatly to the classy yet opulent aesthetic.

Bright and shiny | Flo Design

“The owners wanted their living and dining spaces to be modern and bright with a tint of gold here and there,” explain the designers. In response, they applied a mix of gold mirror laminate strips on the walls and ceilings. Complementing this are dining chairs and tables with gold frames. These subtle applications ensure that the lustrous colour does not outshine the space, serving instead to create rich accents.

Bright and shiny | Flo Design - dining

An eye-catching chandelier elevates the dining area. According to the designers, the installation of the Swarovski crystal lights that line the living space was no minor feat. “After installing the main body, our installers had to take out each small crystal one-by-one from the packaging to hang on the main body,” say the designers of the intricate process.

A happy marriage of tinted mirrors, EDL gold laminates and a grand chandelier bring out the homeowners’ desired “modern, bright and shiny” aesthetics in a classy manner. For practical needs, the tinted mirrors conceal an entire stretch of full-height cabinets by the main entrance, efficiently compensating for the lack of storage in the original condominium fitting.

Bright and shiny | Flo Design - overall

While Swarovski chandeliers and gold mirror strips dial up the glamour, grey tone laminates, and white floors and ceilings make for a timeless base. This results in a space that is luxurious and homely at the same time. So as not to sacrifice comfort, a classic sofa and cushy dining chairs are ideal for long conversations when entertaining guests.

Bright and shiny | Flo Design - bedrooms

Diverging from the “bright and shiny” palette of the living hall, the bedrooms adorn a quieter look and feel instead. The customised platforms cater to studying, resting and storage. The rooms of both daughters are visually differentiated, one with mild and light woodgrains, and the other bearing dark tones, bringing out their individual characters.

As the homeowners wanted the master bedroom to feel cosy and special, the design team employed floor-to-ceiling carpentry that embraces the bed space with dark woodgrain laminates, detailed with sparse gold mirror strips, groove lines, rose-gold rimmed track lights and tea-tinted mirrors, lending a modern touch. Enhancing the cosiness, dim lights were also built within the ceiling carpentry to illuminate the room.

Flo Design 

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