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Flo Design

Established: 2017

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Profile image: James Ng, Director; Roger Koh, Director
Location: Tenderbest Makcik Market at Bedok Point. Tenderbest Makcik Market is one of Flo Design’s most valuable clients. The designers are always filled with pride and excitement whenever they complete the design of a new outlet for the restaurant chain. With each new outlet, Flo Design is reminded of how much the firm has achieved in just a few short years since inception.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
At Flo Design, we always ensure homeowners know what they are paying for. We do not adopt any hidden cost practice in the later stages of renovation, and always ensure quality works and good service. We believe good service and customer referrals are the key to success.

What constitutes a purposeful space?
A space that gives comfort no matter what chaotic events overwhelm one’s life. Figure out your home routine and make the spaces in your home work for your lifestyle, so you can always feel safe and supported, which allows you to recharge the proverbial battery.

What are your areas of expertise?
Superior customer service. At Flo Design, we always put ourselves in our clients’ position to find out which areas are of most concern, and work together to achieve the best solution. Never think that a designer creates a magical dream home out of thin air. Always think that we are working together with the clients to help them achieve their dream homes. It is all about teamwork.

What are your recent milestones?
We have acquired the CaseTrust accreditation in 2019 from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), which reinforces our business commitment to our clients and further instils client confidence.

What big plans do you have in the near future?
We are looking to expand our current showroom as our team continues to grow steadily. We also aim to strengthen our foothold in Singapore and possibly have a presence in Malaysia.

What is your best design advice?
Always plan the look to help visualise the results. Start with the end in mind. Know what you are trying to achieve by setting a brief, being clear on what the mood and style need to be, and build a visual representation of your objective.

Flo Design_logo / (65) 6469 3188 / (65) 6463 9388 / / 6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2, #01-13, Singapore 575585

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