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Inside an apartment that plays with lines

This modern apartment by DSOD Interior takes inspiration from line patterns, using the simplest shapes and forms to create dynamic interiors.

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,506sqft

Text by Angela Low

This four-bedroom apartment is a play on lines, with each area featuring a different line pattern. Housing a couple and their three children, it first greets guests with a stunning foyer that features a wall clad in vertical wooden slats on one side, with a floating cabinet and a statuette for a look of refinement.

line play inside an apartment by DSOD Interior

Here, the understated colour palette of light, neutral tones brings about an atmosphere of tranquility. The opposite wall, which hides the shoe cabinet is covered with mirrors to visually open up the narrow foyer. A sense of symmetry was also achieved through this approach. “This twin vertical line was paraded to render a series of narrative modernism,” explains lead designer Don Lin of DSOD Interior.

line play inside an apartment by DSOD Interior

This preoccupation with shape and form continues to manifest in the living and dining areas, where the design of the TV feature wall sports the same wooden strips used in the foyer.

line play inside an apartment by DSOD Interior

Serving as a simple backdrop to the dining table is also a series of short, slender planks in black and beige, arranged to intercross each other in a somewhat haphazard manner. Used as display shelves, this minimalist, utilitarian-chic design juxtaposes the symmetrical, statement-making strips in the foyer.

line play inside an apartment by DSOD Interior

Nevertheless, the unit predominantly follows a neutral, monochromatic colour scheme. But not the eldest daughter’s bedroom – one of the more colourful zones in the apartment – which boasts a bright green feature wall.

Inspired by nature and treehouses, the designer crafted an arch that hangs over the bed, functioning as a headboard that extends to the other side of the wall on which a painting has been mounted. Aesthetically, it mimics the roof of a treehouse, with distressed wood-like laminates used as finishing for a rustic feel.

line play inside an apartment by DSOD Interior

As for the master bedroom, the designer went with a sleek, contemporary look with a monochrome palette. Black trimmings outline the perimeters of the room, while creating “artistic boundaries that minimise the messiness and maximise the simplicity of the space,” says Don. To inject a sense of warmth to the bedroom, built-in storage cladded with laminates in a dark woodgrain finish lines the wall.

Though the couple started out with a preference for Peranakan decor, which is a far cry from the design they ended up with, “they realised that it wasn’t the concept they were looking for and were open to other ideas.” Entrusted with ample creative control, the designer managed to put together a fresh look for the abode that keeps the practical needs of the three kids in mind, while incorporating the couple’s desire for a sense of spaciousness and depth of design.

DSOD Interior

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