7 Stunning shelves that make beautiful statement pieces

Make a statement with one of these show-stopping shelves

7 Stunning shelves that make beautiful statement pieces

Once you’ve renovated your home, you’ll want to fill it up with beautiful yet functional furniture. You’ll also want to make a statement with one of your furniture pieces. Some choose a luxury sofa, others opt for a striking armchair. If you prefer something larger or more eye-catching, try a statement shelf. Regardless of whether it needs assembling, comes installed with wheels or can be mounted on the living room wall, a shelf is a long-term investment and one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in your home. Here are seven beautiful shelves that are sure to make a statement. By Arman Shah

Portico Wall Shelves


Portico Wall Shelves

Inspired by architecture and nature, the Portico Wall Shelf by Snap seamlessly blends simplicity with elegant sophistication. There are four options to choose from where colour and materials are concerned – black laminated walnut, white laminated walnut, white clear glass or black tinted glass.

$220 from Naiise

A Few of My Favourite Things Doppelt



Have fun curating your display pieces with this DIY project by The Fundamental Group. Titled “A Few of My Favourite Things Doppelt” (the German word for double or twofold), it can be mounted on the wall or set on the floor as a tabletop console in any pattern of your choosing. Made of solid wood, cracks that add character to the piece will appear over time, although it won’t affect its structural stability.

$446.37 from Haystakt



Assemblage 02

Let your creativity run wild with this dynamic 10-piece storage module by Selab. Made up of cubic modules of varying sizes, you are given complete freedom to assemble your display rack in any composition of your liking – simply attach each cube to its neighbour using the provided clips. Functioning primarily as a library, it can fit often too large large books that the standard bookshelf can’t accommodate.

$999 from Fred Lives Here

d-Bodhi Stacking Boxes


d-Bodhi Stacking Boxes

Casual yet effortlessly chic, these stacking boxes by d-Bodhi is the perfect remedy for the decluttering of your sundry household items that can now be displayed in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Its modular storage system features box inserts and open shelves and box and is perfect as a bedside fixture.

From Journey East


Shellf 01
Shellf – notice the ingenious wordplay? – brings the beauty of nature and the sea into contemporary city living. Inspired by the nautilus shell, its delicate sculptural design features divider units that let you showcase your bits and bobs. Otherwise, this stunning piece – made with wood and specially-laminated with bamboo veneer – can stand alone in your urban dwelling as its own piece of art.

$3,999 from Departures and Arrivals

M Rack


M Rack 01

Inspired by the works of Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan, Ethnicraft’s in-house designer Alain Van Havre interlocked vertical and horizontal to achieve a stylish grid combination for the M Rack. With the flexibility of being installed either vertically or horizontally, you have more placement options for this sturdy and well-conceptualised shelf in your home.

$1,895 from Ethnicraft

KIBAKO Bookshelves


KIBAKO Bookshelf

Look beyond the standard options of displaying your library collection and check out the KIBAKO range of bookshelves made available at Atomi. The Japanese lifestyle retailer stays true to its country’s affinity for minimalistic yet modern designs. DIY lovers will also appreciate how this bookshelf range lets them choose between four types of systems that can be configured to produce limitless design layouts to accommodate any interior space.

From Atomi


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