Watch: The wonders of Antolini natural stone

In Ask Me Anything, Hafary reveals the special qualities that make natural stones from Antolini so amazing.

Text by Janice Seow

Natural stones lend a luxurious quality to interior spaces like hotels, spas, and even homes.

In this video, Hafary gives us a tour of their showroom and warehouse to show all the amazing natural stone options from Antolini.

You’ll find marble, granite, quartzite and onyx in a spectrum of colours that are uncommon to find, as well as precious stones like amethyst and agate, which can be lit from behind to create stunning colour effects.

There’s sometimes a misconception that natural stone surfaces are fragile or difficult to maintain. In this video, Hafary’s natural stone expert Joey Lee explains how Antolini products are produced using advanced and patented manufacturing processes that make them durable and strong.

These stones are incredibly versatile too. Check out their different uses. Whether as a practical countertop or a feature wall, it’s like having a large and beautiful gem in your space.


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