A total condo redo that achieves feng shui goals

By incorporating feng shui requirements and a refreshed contemporary aesthetic, d’Phenomenal has given this condo a fabulous revamp that works for the whole family.

  • A total condo redo that achieves feng shui goals

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,300sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Feng shui plays a pivotal role in the second renovation of this condo, which is home to a family of five. “They are our repeat clients who have lived here for seven years, and who are keen to bring feng shui into their home,” says Creative Director Kef Tan from d’Phenomenal who helmed the first renovation as well. Together with Director Kelly Chin, the d’Phenomenal design team was also briefed to update the home to fit the homeowners’ lifestyle changes, such as their kids’ growing teenage needs.

feng shui apartment

One of the feng shui requirements was to have a clutter-free home for harmony and well-being. The team responded by incorporating ample storage into the living area with custom-built cabinets lining the wall. With open and closed shelving mounted on the wall and enhanced by soft lighting, the homeowners are able to showcase their favourite decor in an organised manner to invoke positive feelings.

Centering the colour palette around warm neutrals and lavish textures, Kef and Kelly created a welcoming ambience and a harmonious balance for the home.

feng shui apartment

With the gregarious homeowners often entertaining big groups at home, they wanted an island dining table at the balcony which could seat up to 12 people. The designers responded with a custom-built curved quartz tabletop for a sophisticated setup that facilitates social interactions.

Full-window shutter blinds have been installed to control the way the daylight filters into the balcony-turned-dining area. This aligns with another feng shui requirement: to fill the space with good ventilation and natural light for a vibrant environment.

Playing up the grandeur in the front entrance is a unique curved dome feature with a soothing glow. It is decked in wallpaper of botanical motifs and the calming design softens the rectilinear structures of the nearby built-in cabinetry.

feng shui apartment

After the revamp, the well-equipped kitchen meets the entertaining demands of the homeowners. A sleek profile of quartz worktops and glass backsplashes pairs well with the warm wood-look laminate finishes of the cabinets.

No expense and effort have been spared in revamping all the bedrooms and bathrooms either. Kef and Kelly were focused on future-proofing the bedrooms and they introduced new luxury vinyl flooring and storage beds to every bedroom. This helps keep clutter at bay and ensures easier upkeep for the long term.

They also fulfilled the female homeowner’s wish of having a bag display, designing an L-shaped wardrobe with enclosed glass shelving. “This serves as the main feature in the master bedroom,” shares Kef.

He adds: “The kids have outgrown their bedrooms and so it was time for an update.” The homeowners’ daughter asked for more shelves to store her books, and the designers saw to it with wall shelving and a new desk setup for her study needs.

feng shui apartment

For the homeowners’ son who is into gaming, the team designed his room to take after a cosy gaming den. Colour-changing LED lights have been implemented and are paired with dark laminate finishes for a cool and futuristic vibe.

Along with a more polished and grown-up style evident in all the bedrooms, the d’Phenomenal team have taken meticulous care in ensuring that the rest of the unit adheres to feng shui requirements whilst meeting all of the family’s needs in this eight-week renovation, which was done at a cost of $160,000.


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