This achromatic flat is a beauty in black and white

By avoiding colour and sticking to a simple material palette, arche° has turned this HDB flat into a show-stopping home.

  • This achromatic flat is a beauty in black and white

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Colours play an important role in interior design, from the trendsetting statement shades to the classic colours to character-defining hues. But when executed properly, the lack of colour in a home can make an even more impressive impact.

In this unassuming HDB flat, interior design studio arche° stepped outside the box to formulate a design that eschews colour trends. Designer Pang Min Hui explains that the homeowners were looking for a distinctive look that suited their lifestyle. “They wanted clean and uncluttered open spaces, and they requested for ample storage space too. So we proposed a black-and-white theme that would resonate throughout the home.”

achromatic HDB flat

To achieve the “distinctive look and feel” that the homeowners wanted, the design team self-imposed a strict limit to the number of materials, textures and colours used within the home. This resulted in extremely controlled palettes, and when paired with the newly opened floor plan, led to this home’s striking achromatic aesthetic.

achromatic HDB flat

Both the kitchen and bedroom walls of this BTO flat were knocked down, making way for an open concept. The living room in particular, is now more spacious without the bordering kitchen wall. Here, the designers customised a minimalist television wall that takes centrestage with its contrasting designs. They also incorporated a fluted panel that brings depth and texture to the otherwise simple space. The design also hides plenty of closed cabinets and drawers to keep clutter out of view.

It’s important to note that the storage options in this home do not come with protruding handles or knobs. As with the rest of the built-ins in this home, the arche° team designed them to be sleek yet intuitive.

white kitchen

Careful thought also went to the design of the kitchen; especially when choosing the material for the kitchen island top.  Since this island sits in the epicentre of the kitchen, dining area and living room, it plays an important role in defining the home’s visual direction. In the end, they decided on the Black Beauty granite from the Cosentino Sensa range. “The granite has a black base with white streaks that resemble the foam of the waves in an indomitable ocean,” says Min Hui.

Since textures and patterns go a long way in elevating an achromatic home, the designers also added to the kitchen backsplash. Here, they used KompacPlus material with engraved lines to form a simple yet impactful chevron pattern.


When it came to the master bedroom, Min Hui and the team continued the home’s design language but also accommodated the homeowners’ requests. “They enjoy spending their free time in each other’s company,” Min Hui elaborates, “and the bedroom is where they enjoy just relaxing with each other. So this is where we spent most of our efforts. We wanted to design a comfortable space that centres around their living habits. Hence, the layout of the television, bed and study table was carefully considered during the design process.”

bedroom with study

With two rooms combined into one, the master bedroom is now a large, open space that accommodates the sleeping, study and dressing areas. Interestingly, the bed’s headboard was customised with the homeowners’ living habits in mind. It was designed as a single piece that incorporates the study table (on the opposite side) and the bedside tables.

It’s clever design ideas like this that make this achromatic home unique. The lack of colour doesn’t detract from its thoughtful design elements and in fact, elevates the home’s standout appeal.


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achromatic HDB flat
kitchen close up
achromatic bedroom
achromatic bathroom


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