A multipurpose sink that does it all

Turn kitchen chores from a dread to an absolute delight with the BLANCO UNIT.

  • A multipurpose sink that does it all

Text by Disa Tan

Let’s face it, no one likes doing the wash-up after a meal. That said, what if a great sink design could change all that?

All about kitchen efficiency, the BLANCO UNIT comprises a workstation sink, a mixer tap and a waste management system. These three kitchen essentials work hand in hand to bring convenience in one integrated unit.

Blanco sink
ETAGON 6 sink in SILGRANIT Rock Grey, and FONTAS-S II mixer tap

Get more done with ETAGON

At the heart of ETAGON’s multi-level bowl design is multifunctionality where this sink system will have you tackling different kitchen tasks at the same time. Adding accessories such as the ETAGON rails onto the bowl creates a multipurpose work surface of almost unlimited possible uses. These versatile rails streamline main kitchen duties like food preparation, washing and drying dishes, and serving food. That means you can save precious countertop space and much effort by working simultaneously at just one spot instead of moving around. What’s more, the covered C-overflow and InFino drain system are elegantly integrated and extremely easy to clean and care for.

Fontas Blanco
ETAGON 6 sink in SILGRANIT Rock Grey, and FONTAS-S II mixer tap

3-in-1 water flexibility with FONTAS-S II

Not just for washing up, the FONTAS-S II mixer tap dispenses both filtered and unfiltered water out of a pull-out spout. With a separate water circuit for filtered water, you can enjoy drinking water directly from the extra spout which ensures no mixing with the mains water. No additional drilling is also required for the filtered water supply, which keeps the entire setup sleek and space-efficient. Now you can have cold or warm unfiltered water through the right lever or filtered water from the left lever.

Flexon blanco
FLEXON II waste management system

Smarter waste management systems

BLANCO has some of the best waste systems concealed discreetly within the sink cabinet that make collecting and separating waste easy. Choose from the FLEXON II or the BOTTON II 30/2 depending on your cabinet system or design preference. For pull-out cabinets, the FLEXON II offers a wide range of models for all standard sink cabinets. There are also flexible bin combinations to organise waste and create extra storage. Stable and hygienic, all parts of these hanging bins are easy to clean thanks to their smooth and generous surfaces.

Botton Blanco
BOTTON II 30/2 waste management system

Those with base cabinets and hinged doors can consider the BOTTON II 30/2. Despite its compact dimensions, it offers a large waste volume. A U-shaped steel sheet profile makes a sturdy frame which can be easily installed and positioned in the base cabinet. High-quality plastic bins that fit within the frame can be fully pulled out through the extension for easy access, and be lifted upwards to empty the contents.


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