Cue from emco Bad is your bathroom essential

These elegant bathroom accessories from emco Bad’s Cue series ensure everything you need is within easy reach.

  • Cue from emco Bad is your bathroom essential

The best bathroom solutions are beautifully simple, intuitive, and help make the whole bathroom routine a breeze, don’t you agree?

Enter the Cue series of accessories from emco Bad. Designed by Nexus Product Design, Cue’s elegant and minimalist accessories impress with their distinctive flat surfaces and defined radii that bring a sense of harmony to the bathroom.

Cue bathroom accessories

The range includes a total of 15 products for the washbasin, bathtub, shower and toilet, and promise more moments for relaxation, with everything within reach.

Cue emco Bad bathroom accessories

There are toilet paper holders and toilet brush sets, liquid soap dispensers, glass and soap holders, as well as bath and towel rails. All are available in chrome, and the glass parts are made of frosted crystal glass, which is a timeless combination that fits easily with any interior style.

Cue emco Bad bathroom accessories

All the products from Cue can be mounted the standard way with a dowel and screw, or if you prefer, with a special emco glue system that’s easy, secure and dust free. The latter is particularly convenient as it allows you to reposition the accessories later if you wish. It is also ideal if you’re attaching the products to high-quality tiles or live in a rental property.

emco Bad

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