How to pick the best TV for Netflix

Netflix has a new list of recommended TVs and you need to check it out

  • How to pick the best TV for Netflix

  • How to pick the best TV for Netflix

  • How to pick the best TV for Netflix

  • How to pick the best TV for Netflix

Let’s face it – the TV is an important piece of home decor. Our sofas are placed to face it and so are our beds. With web streaming services like Netflix gaining immense popularity in the past few years, our TVs have evolved with our viewing preferences. To get the best out of your Netflix viewing experience, the famous online streaming service rolls out their list of recommended TVs. If you’re anything like us and rely on Netflix for all your entertainment needs, you are going to need this list.

Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix has seven major criteria for their recommended TV list. The TV needs have the following features:

#1 Instant on
It needs to start up instantaneously (no lag allowed) and apps must appear ready to use right away, just like your smartphone.

#2 Fast app launch
The Netflix app needs to launch quickly always – whether it’s clicked right after turning on the TV or after using several other apps on the TV.

#3 Dedicated button
The TV’s remote control needs to have a dedicated Netflix button that launches Netflix. So you can start your TV and get to Netflix with the press of one button.


Luke Cage on Netflix

#4 Icon access
The Netflix app is easy to access and convenient to launch from the TV menu too.

#5 Resume immediately
The TV needs to remember what you were watching last. When it is turned on later, it should pick up where you left off.

LG W8 TV is recommended by Netflix for 2018 

#6 High-resolution interface
It needs to let you browse Netflix in 1080p resolution, which means crisper text and clearer images.

#7 Latest version
The TV has to be inbuilt with the latest version of Netflix and its newest features.

To receive a thumbs up from the quality-obsessed folks at Netflix, the TV needs fulfill 5 out of the 7 criteria. For 2018, so far there are 25 LG TVs as well as one Sony TV.

You can also find 2017’s recommendations here.

Happy shopping!


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