Enjoy home entertainment with the new Sharp TV

Looking to upgrade your at-home cinema experience? Here are 5 reasons why the new Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K TV deserves a closer look.

  • Enjoy home entertainment with the new Sharp TV

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Enjoying movies at home or bingeing on your favourite TV series has probably become a more popular pastime now that you’re spending more time indoors. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a cinematic visual experience while at it, then Sharp’s new AQUOS The Scenes 8K series of televisions may be just the thing you need. The DW1X TVs come in 60-inch and 70-inch variants, and both offer incredible new features that will completely change the way you watch TV.

We highlight five awesome things to note with these new offerings from Sharp.

Sharp TV

#1 Enjoy the ‘big screen’ experience at home, in 8K resolution

Remember when videos in Full HD resolution were a big deal? Then it was quickly overtaken by 4K videos. Nowadays, many movies, TV shows and even YouTube videos are available in 8K resolution.

You’ll be able to see every strand of hair on the characters of your favourite TV series in full definition, or watch 8K travel videos on YouTube that make you feel like you’re right there in the thick of action. You’ll see details that you’ve never seen before, in high fidelity and crisp clarity.

The 8K Ultra-High Definition (8K UHD) resolution is available in both the 60- and 70-inch options.

#2 See true-to-life colours that pop out from the screen

Sharp’s DW1X TVs are equipped with the new Deep Chroma Display Pro technology that promises to elevate your viewing experience even further. Watch as the colours on the screen come to life in a truly immersive style.

This technology achieves a colour gamut that exceeds 100 per cent of the digital cinema colour gamut standard, and 167 per cent of the screen brightness compared to a conventional TV. All the colours on the screen are improved based on two elements: Sharp’s unique high quality 8K UV2A panel with low reflection structure, and the newly developed backlight.

All this happens behind-the-scenes, leaving you to enjoy crisp colours that pop from the screen.

Side view Sharp TV

#3 Experience brightness and contrast that are powered by an intelligent processor

These days, the videos we watch are a lot more dynamic, constantly switching between bright and dark scenes. An ill-equipped TV will struggle to find the balance of contrast, meaning we end up missing details on screen while our eyes struggle to adjust.

Sharps’ proprietary processing technology, the Z2 Revelation Processor, balances the contrast of brightness and darkness with intelligent purpose. The HDR+ Enhanced processing power optimises the middle tones, finding that perfect balance where our eyes can best perceive contrast.

The result? A comfortable viewing experience that’s true to the cinematic one.

#4 Take full control of a full-featured smart TV

The DW1X TV is an Android TV that puts the power in your hands. Install any of your streaming services, from Netflix to Disney+, and enjoy hundreds of thousands of movies and shows. You can control your TV with your voice, and even ask it for recommendations of what to watch. It also has Chromecast built in, meaning you can cast your smartphone, tablet or even PC to the TV screen.

Sharp 8A-C22CX1 Sound Bar Home Theatre System

#5 Complete the immersive experience with a top-notch sound system

Looking for an all-rounded, immersive cinematic experience? Sharp also offers the 8A-C22CX1 Sound Bar Home Theatre System to pair with this new TV range.

The sleek soundbar uses OPSODIS technology which accurately simulates many three-dimensional audio formats commonly used in TV, cinema and gaming. The sound system is incredibly smart: it simulates how we perceive sound in a natural environment, allowing us to enjoy audio quality that is reproduced to perfection.

Best of all, you won’t need to install multiple speakers around your room just to get the perfect surround sound effects. This compact and highly intelligent speaker can reproduce 360-degree immersive sound by controlling the time difference that sound reaches our ears.


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