The future of cleanliness: what to look for in an automated laundry system 

Manually washing and hanging out laundry is one of the many tedious tasks of adulthood. Modern technology might be about to change that. 

The future of cleanliness: what to look for in an automated laundry system 

Traditional HBO flats have outdoor bamboo poles on which residents would hang their laundry to dry. There are a number of reasons why BTO flats have changed this system; for one thing, it was extremely inconvenient to have to trek outside and take your clothes back in every time it started raining. For another, the task itself was tedious and surprisingly physical, especially for senior residents. Leaving your clothes outdoors where you cannot see them also runs the risk of theft, though this is not common especially in a close-knit community.  

The next step in making laundry an easier task for HDB residents was to introduce a new standard laundry rack in each service yard. While this rack is certainly an improvement on the old system, it is not without drawbacks. For one, the rack has to be manually pulled up and down. This can be quite laborious especially if you have a heavy load of washing. It is also not ideal for short people, children/teenagers, or the elderly. 

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

Furthermore, the actual drying process is less effective unless your laundry room is well ventilated and catches a significant amount of sunlight through windows. While clothes may dry in such conditions, it is likely to take longer and your clothes are probably going to be mustier than they would if dried properly. While some may choose to simply buy a dryer, not all clothes are suitable for tumble drying and the price of running a dryer is significantly higher.  

This has led to the development of a new laundry system; automation. Automated laundry hanging systems do not require any manual input in raising or lowering them. Advances in technology have also led to some additional features which improve the drying process altogether. Many auto laundry systems in Singapore have the facilities to dry clothes faster with heaters, fans and lights. As laundry technology advances, more impressive features such as a remote laundry operation and disinfecting properties.  

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

Given the vast array of automated laundry rack options, there are a few things to consider when deciding which style of automatic laundry system is right for you. The first, crucially, is the capacity of the system. Determining which size laundry system you need is directly dependent on the size of the household and the frequency of your washing habits.  

For instance, if you are in a single or two-person household and only produce one load of washing every week or so, you should probably opt for a small laundry system. You will probably also not need all of the bells and whistles that high-tech smart laundry systems will come with, as you are not using the appliance that frequently. Conversely, if you live in a 3-person household or a family, you will probably need around 4-4.5 cubic feet of washer. Measure out the size of your service yard and compare it to the size of the automated laundry system that you are considering. This is the best way to test whether the laundry system will appear too bulky in your laundry space.  

Best automated laundry system Singapore: Which electric clothes drying rack is best for you? 

There are a few standout brands in Singapore which have received acclaim for their innovative and affordable designs. One such standout is Steigen, which has led the charge in automated laundry services.  

5. Orlant – OR-SGM08 

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

This retractable automated laundry rack has six primary functions; intelligent temperature control, constant temperature heating, over-voltage protection, over current protection, temperature control and timing. It is also silent and has sophisticated noise reduction procedures. This product comes in a vast range of styles, colours and features. You can view the specifications here or browse for more products by Orlant. 

4. Varlux 

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

This automated laundry system by Varlux is capable of remote operation. It is one of the more expensive models at $700 SGD. This model is available in a variety of finishes and colours beyond the champagne gold pictured above. It is a heavy-duty easy hanger with a safe loading limit of 40kgs.  

3. Good wife  

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

Good wife provides premium automated laundry systems with levels of luxury varying from luxe, premium, mini, and lite. Each of their products come in multiple colours beyond the standard metals, with this premium automated laundry system available in a light pink/rose gold. This product is also highly customizable and individuals can select their desired warranty and size as well as nominate accessories.  

2. Xiaomi 

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

The playfully named Mr. Bond automatic clothes dryer is one of the more affordable automatic laundry systems on the Singaporean market at $600. It is retractable and has a remote sensor which controls the embedded LED lights. The product has a remote control and remote functioning. However, its affordability comes with a slight caveat in that the services are not as reliable as a higher order automatic laundry system may be. 

1. Steigen 

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

Steigen is a very high-quality manufacturer and distributer of automated laundry systems. Their solar ultra and solar alpha models have nothing but 5 star ratings – in fact, all Steigen reviews are nearly perfect. When considering Steigen vs xiaomi, there is a clear difference in customer satisfaction. But how does Steigen measure up against the most common clothes drying alternative? 

Steigen vs dryer 

Steigen automatic laundry systems are capable of drying clothes up to 8 times as fast as the average dryer. The patented solar drying technique invented by Steigen mimics the effect of drying clothes in the sun, with directed air currents of close to 60 degrees Celsius. Clothes dried by Steigen products should be almost indistinguishable from clothes dried by direct sunlight, making sure that your clothes are fresh, clean, and fully dry as quickly as possible. You can browse the Steigen catalogue here or view the Solar Ultra for $1,199 and the Solar Alpha for $1,399.  


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