Built in wardrobes: Designs, ideas and prices

Built in wardrobes are a luxurious storage choice that allows you to fulfill your home organization potential.

Built in wardrobes: Designs, ideas and prices

A built in wardrobe is a wardrobe which has been integrated into the space. They can usually be fully closed and will appear to blend in with the wall. Built in wardrobes are fixed to the wall, so they cannot be moved around the room.

Built in wardrobes are generally regarded as much more convenient and luxurious than regular freestanding wardrobes. This is because they appear to take up less space, are less bulky, and offer much more storage opportunity. They are an efficient way to utilize the layout of a room for storage and most of the time you will not even notice the space taken up by a built-in wardrobe.

Built in wardrobes are also an aesthetic opportunity. Many built in wardrobe designs are be adorned with full-size mirrors that make the room appear bigger and brighter (see here for more on the impact of mirrors in interior design spaces). They can also be painted or styled in a variety of choices, and are available in many different materials.

How much are built in wardrobes?

Built in wardrobes usually cost between 1,400-6,500 SGD to design, make and install. The price will be heavily influenced by the size, complexity, and especially materials chosen.

Built in wardrobes are popular in Singaporean homes for their practical and aesthetic utility. Their versatility means that many trends have found a foothold on Singapore’s interior design scene, but some celebrated styles at the moment include classic, Scandinavian, Hamptons, glass, and Japanese built in closets.

Pros of a built in wardrobe Singapore

  • Appear to take up less space than a bulky standalone wardrobe
  • Very easy to organise
  • Customized to the size of the room
  • Come in many different styles, colours and materials
  • Enough storage for two people
  • Multiple types of storage including drawers, shoes, jewellery, hanging
  • Many will blend in with the wall when closed
  • Can have mirrors to make getting ready easier
  • Hide mess from sight
  • Seen as luxurious

Cons of a built in wardrobe

There are some slight disadvantages to having a built in wardrobe.

  • Fixed to the wall – you cannot take the wardrobe with you if you ever decide to move
  • Fixed in place – you cannot re-arrange the placement of the wardrobe once it has been installed, so the layout that you choose is permanent
  • Can sometimes make the room feel smaller if they take up a lot of space
  • There is not as much variety in styles and crafts as free-standing closets
  • Difficult to install – you will almost always need a professional to properly anchor them to the walls
  • Expensive – because of installation costs, the price of built in wardrobes can be significantly higher than the price of a freestanding wardrobe
  • Rare to find second hand
  • High cost to remove built in wardrobes if you decide you no longer want one

Don’t let the disadvantages scare you into not getting a built in wardrobe – in the long term, many of these cons are overweighed by the sheer utility of a practical and easy to organize wardrobe. However, if you are planning on moving soon, perhaps hold off on a built in wardrobe until you are sure that you will be around to enjoy it.

Where to buy built in wardrobes ideas: The best brands for Singapore’s cheapest built in wardrobes

8. By tan carpenters review

tan carpenters review built in wardrobes

Tan Carpenters is one of Singapore’s most trusted wardrobe retailers. They specialise in providing a huge variety of wardrobe designs for all bedroom sizes, offering many HDB renovation packages to make your built in wardrobe dream an affordable reality.

07.  Amare La Casa – wardrobe specialist Singapore

modern wardrobe designs amare la casa

Amare La Casa are another of Singapore’s leading built-in wardrobe suppliers. Amare La Casa provide designer wardrobes which are custom built to your specifications. Specializing in bespoke design that celebrates the uniqueness of each HDB flat, Amare La Casa is ready and willing to put their decades of experience to use in your home. Read more about Amare here.

06. For small bedrooms

mirrored wardrobe built in small room hdb

Most HDB flats will have a bedroom that feels a little small for a built in wardrobe. However, there are numerous wardrobe designs that will accommodate for this. A half sized wardrobe such as the one above is a great way to embrace the storage and aesthetic of a built in without sacrificing the room space.

05. Modern

glass see through wardrobe built in HDB flat

Modern wardrobes are all the rage right now – and especially glass ones. A glass walk in closet screams contemporary luxury. Whether you choose fluted or regular glass, a bold and elegant choice like glass will not lead you astray. Read more about unique modern wardrobe designs here.

04. Scandinavian

timber doors built in custom wardrobe hdb flats

Scandinavian design is one of the most popular design styles in the modern world. Characterised by crisp, clean lines and a natural minimalism, this aesthetic is perfect for an elegant built-in wardrobe.

03. Master bedroom

large built in wardrobe blue master bedroom

The master bedroom is the most extravagant room in a house. Designing a master bedroom is a daunting task, because you want the interior to reflect the opulence of the bedroom and make use of its size. Likewise, a wardrobe for a master bedroom ought to take advantage of the larger space.

02. With sliding doors

Scandi style resale HDB flat study cum walk-in wardrobe by AP Concept

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for a small space. They allow the wardrobe to be tucked away when not in use, where it will blend into the wall. Sliding doors can also be fitted with mirrors, which will make a room feel exponentially bigger by bouncing light around the room and deepening the visual space. Read here for more design tricks on styling a small space.

01. Walk in wardrobe

walk in wardrobe master HDB flat repurposed bedroom closet

Walk in wardrobes are a symbol of luxury around the world. They have been around for centuries. A walk in wardrobe provides you with a whole new area to style and a private room to dress in. Read more about how to design a walk in wardrobe for a HDB apartment here.


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