Built in shoe cabinets: What can they do for you?

Built in closets are particularly popular in Singapore – but what about a space dedicated just for shoes?

<strong>Built in shoe cabinets: What can they do for you?</strong>

Built in wardrobes have remained steady in their popularity for decades. A good built in wardrobe provides you with the maximum amount of storage while still keeping the floorspace open and clutter-free. A built in shoe cabinet, though not as popular yet, does much the same thing.

Shoes are surprisingly bulky. If you have ever had to pack a bag for a long trip, you will know firsthand how difficult it can be to fit shoes neatly into a small space. Furthermore, the majority of modern wardrobes do not have enough space dedicated for shoes alone. This leads to people leaving their shoes strewn across the floor, cramming them wherever they fit, or even just kicking them off at the door and leaving them in a pile.

The obvious solution to this problem of storage is to purchase a shoe cabinet – but what kind? Most homes in Singapore will have a freestanding shoe rack somewhere near the door. However, these racks are often bulky and rarely have enough space for all the shoes in the household – especially if there are multiple people living in the one home. The solution to all this? Installing a built-in-shoe cabinet.

Why try built-in?

A built-in shoe-cabinet may seem like overkill, but it is actually an extremely practical piece of household furniture. Having a tucked-away space to leave your shoes will significantly cut down on clutter and improve the aesthetic of your home drastically. It is also an extremely handy organiser: you will know exactly where to find every pair of shoes that you own. Many  built-in shoe cabinets are actually made with subtlety in mind, so your guests may not even notice the cabinet at all. This is great because it fixes the problem of a bulky, freestanding shoe cabinet.

There are a number of trends circulating today which use built-in shoe cabinets in innovative new ways. The subtle trend is particularly popular, with shoe cabinets being made to blend in with the walls so that you might not ever know they were there. Another popular trend in the opposite vein is to have a clear shoe cabinet which will proudly display your most precious shoes. Yet another trend still is to make the shoe cabinet a standout shape or colour, making it a focal piece of the interior design schema.  

Built in shoe cabinet design ideas for modern HDB homes: 10 ideas for a built in shoe cabinet Singapore

10. Slim shoe cabinet

tall and slim walk in shoe cabinet hdb homes entryway

Having a slim shoe cabinet is the perfect way to make the most of limited space. Stacking multiple small shoe racks on top of one another will allow you the same freedom of storage that a bulky shoe cabinet might. It will also emphasise the vertical height of a room, making it feel much taller.

09. Shoe cabinet with ventilation

ventilation shoe cabinets holes designer ideas white

Ventilation is a huge concern for built in shoe cabinets. Leaving shoes in an unventilated area is inviting them to smell. This is why it is a good idea to invest in shoe cabinets with doors that have holes or gaps in their slats to let out some of the air inside the cabinet and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

08. Tall shoe cabinet

tall shoe cabinet singapore white

Another way to maximise shoe storage is to make your shoe cabinet as tall as possible. This will make your cabinet blend in like a bookcase with the rest of your décor (and provide a handy storage space if you ever need more room).

07. Modern built in shoe cabinet

minimalist modern shoe cabinet design contemporary hidden cupboard

Minimalism is back as modern contemporary design sweeps through Singapore’s interiors. This stylish shoe bench by Speedy Décor uses clean lines to provide a neat shoe-organiser for your entryway. This will help you to keep track of your shoes in the long term and remind you to take them off before entering the rest of the house.

06. Outdoor built in shoe cabinet

outdoor shoe cabinet for balcony singapore hdb flat storage ideas white

Some people opt to keep their shoe cabinet outdoors. This has a number of benefits. For one, ventilation is much better outside – so your shoes will stay smelling nice for longer. Another benefit is that it will cut down on the bulky clutter inside the home.

05. Customized shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet hidden subtle disguised wood

Shoe cabinet dimensions can be customized to your personal preferences. Take a look at the above job by Tan Carpenters – having control over the shoe cabinet depth, width and height meant that their client could perfectly nestle a shoe cabinet within their feature wall.

04. Entrance built in shoe cabinet

shoe cabinets in doorway entryway hallway ideas white drawers

The majority of built-in shoe cabinets are placed just behind the front door. This is because the entryway is the area where people are most likely to take off their shoes, so keeping a storage facility there is a neat way to make home organization a little more convenient.

03. Hidden built in shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet design feature wall subtle

Some built in cabinet designs are so subtle that you may never even know they are there. This is a wonderful way to utilise as much storage space as possible without sacrificing any of the floor space you would otherwise have. Read more about integrating storage with design.

02. Bomb shelter shoe cabinet

bomb shelter shoe cabinet walk in closet

One way to drastically reduce the built in shoe cabinet price is by re-purposing your bomb shelter. This will essentially give you a walk-in closet of shoe storage, with shoe racks and stands galore. If you are a passionate owner of many different or designer shoes, perhaps this is the right move for you.

01. Built in shoe cabinet with seat

shoe cabinet with bench with seat sitting area design ideas

There are few shoe cabinet ideas as clever as this one. Placing the cabinet underneath a seating area is the perfect way to maximize convenience. It will give you somewhere to sit down while you quickly take off your shoes, and make storing them a breeze as you barely have to move. Seating areas are also much more aesthetically inviting, making  your interior appear more welcoming to guests.


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