New luxe – I.D.I.D

A young couple with three children enlisted the expertise of I.D.I.D to design a home with spaces that would exude modern luxury while meeting the practical demands of family life.

  • New luxe – I.D.I.D

Text by Janice Seow

Project type: 4-storey semi-detached house
Floor area: 5,294sqft

This home is proof that a family abode can still be sophisticated and carry all the comforts required for those with kids. Wynn Neo, founder of I.D.I.D, says: “We wanted to give the living room a grand ambience the minute you enter. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, we fabricated a full-height television wall using a single slab of natural stone. Warm colours complete the look.”

I.D.I.D project

The former open-concept kitchen has been completely redone to suit daily cooking. It’s now a semi-open space with a glass door and synchronised sliding windows to maintain visual connection to the communal areas whilst giving the family the option to close up the space when preparing meals. The newly designed bar counter can be used for entertaining or even to have breakfast.

The spacious master bedroom is reminiscent of an elegant hotel suite. A truffle brown fluted panel headboard and magnificent black marble surfaces imbue the room with a sense of luxury and comfort. The refined atmosphere is enhanced by strategically placed ambient light.

The designer has replaced the walk-in wardrobe’s original light yellowish brown interior with a colour palette that befits the concept of modern luxury. The previous open-concept design, which attracted dust, has also been given a complete makeover and now sports reflective glass surfaces and casement doors. This leads into a spacious bathroom with double sinks.



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