What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

This resale condominium unit designed by AP Concept nails Nordic style with a reductionist approach.

  • What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

  • What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

  • What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

  • What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

  • What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,270sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Striking a fine balance between cosy and ultra-chic, this family dwelling fuses both warm and cool style elements, as well as new and existing design elements to good effect. At the helm of the renovation is Managing Director Aaron Poh of AP Concept, who reveals more about the design brief: “The homeowners wanted a pared-back aesthetic and a home that’s easy to maintain.” The unit itself has awkward corners that the AP Concept design team needed to address and that culminated in a living space with clean-lined design details and a soothing colour palette.

scandinavian minimalism living room by AP Concept

To promote relaxation in the living area, the design team paired an understated-looking wallpaper with the custom-designed TV console. The 10-foot long media unit features laminate-clad tabletop bearing natural wood-look patterns. Pulling off a minimal look is the existing false ceiling which has been modified by the team to accommodate recessed spotlights and a black painted background.

scandinavian minimalism kitchen by AP Concept

The heart of the home is also the design highlight of the space. With the counters set in a Z-shaped arrangement, the design team further enhanced the unique setting with LED lighting that serves as both task and ambient lighting. Completing the look of modern sophistication is the classy pairing of granite worktops with pristine white laminate cabinets.

scandinavian minimalism kid's bedroom by AP Concept

In the study, an overhead cabinet not only maximises storage space, but also manages visual clutter. Below sits a custom designed desk that’s supported by A-frame legs in powder-coated black metal.

In the bedroom, the bespoke wardrobe exudes a harmonious fusion of Scandinavian minimalism with its finishing and fittings. Wood-look laminates frame the white wardrobe doors with a warm Nordic aesthetic. Meanwhile, inset handles in a matching wood-effect finish embellish the fixture with a clean-cut minimalistic detail.

scandinavian minimalism bathroom by AP Concept

Following the less is more style mantra are the vanity mirrors in the bathroom, featuring LED lighting encased in acrylic. This streamlined mirror lighting effect fills the bath suite with sleek finesse. The sink counter sports white wood-effect laminates and the grey veining details punctuate the minimalistic background with a calming presence.

To achieve the Scandinavian minimalism style, Aaron and his team has found the sweet spot between both styles on opposite spectrums. The final results show off a look that’s both cosy and minimal, and just the way the homeowners desire for their family home.

AP Concept

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