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A stylish showroom packed with inspirational interior design ideas

Image Creative Design’s sprawling showroom exemplifies the design firm’s knack for creating luxe interiors and smart spatial plans.

Home Type: Showroom

Floor Area: 5,370sqft (including office space)

Text Redzman Rahmat 

One of the best ways to ignite your creative juices and inspiration for your home renovation is to visit showflats and showrooms. These well-considered spaces are not just a welcome source of design ideas as they are also a testament to a design firm’s skills and creativity. Showrooms are also a great way to pick up some tricks on how you can make efficient use of the space that you have, and to aspire towards a certain look or lifestyle.

Image Creative Design showroom

As one of Singapore’s largest and most respected design firms, Image Creative Design has a showroom that’s a treasure trove of design ideas. Packed with smart details and plush settings, the showroom is catered to anyone who’s looking to incorporate a sense of luxury and opulence into their own home.

Each setting in Image Creative Design’s showroom presents an enviable interior that has been crafted not just to make an impression, but to also be efficient and practical. The design team refrained from incorporating any overbearing design elements, instead focusing on earth tones, rectilinear designs and a detailed lighting plan to bring out the understated atmosphere of true elegance.

Image Creative Design showroom

Take the living room for example. Luxe marble and polished surfaces set a scene that successfully balances cosy warmth with classy sophistication. Since textures play an important role in the overall design of the showroom, Image Creative Design also included fabric finishings, a shag carpet and even designed a lattice partition to bring softness to the space.

Image Creative Design showroom

Another highlight is the kitchen, where practicality and style merge into one. Working with an open-concept space allowed the designers to build an expansive island counter that visually anchors the room. It’s packed with plenty of storage cabinets and is large enough to be used as a dining table.

Image Creative Design showroom

Elsewhere in this showroom, Image Creative Design wanted to display unique design ideas and solutions. For example, the designers utilised the height of the space to build a bedroom loft within a compact space.

Image Creative Design


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