The benefits of custom carpentry for the home

Is custom carpentry worth the cost and waiting time? These six advantages bring a clearer picture.

Text by Disa Tan
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Custom carpentry is designed specifically for your space, lifestyle and needs, and helps to create a well-designed home. The experts at Carpenters 匠 tell us more about how it epitomises style and function.

#1 Maximise floor and wall area, even awkward cornerscustom carpentry for home

One of the top reasons why homeowners turn to custom carpentry is that it fits seamlessly into any given space and can combat those sharp, curved or awkward corners. Interior Design Consultant Travis How from Carpenters 匠 elaborates: “As homes differ in sizes and layouts, it is not easy to find furniture with the exact dimensions for the space. Custom carpentry solves the issue. Storage space can also be maximised with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and it leaves no exposed corners or recesses that allow dust to settle.”

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To learn more on the benefits of custom carpentry, download this cheat sheet!


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