Elegant country-style living in a Singapore apartment

This three-bedroom condo in Singapore is reimagined as an elegant countryside manor with dark colours and heavy textures.

  • Elegant country-style living in a Singapore apartment

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,600sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

The family of four staying in this three-bedroom condo hail from Taiwan, and they brought their own distinct aesthetic to their new home. The owners desired a calm and understated living space, and took their inspiration from countryside manors, focusing on darker colour tones, heavy textures and natural materials.

country-style apartment Carpenters

Interior design studio Carpenters was tasked to bring their vision of country-style living to life, and selected granite, bricks and dark wood as the home’s primary materials.

The feature wall in the living room is covered almost entirely in granite; even the beams on the ceiling are meant to mimic barnyard rafters.

country-style apartment Carpenters

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and is an open-concept space with an island designed for family gatherings and day to day social interactions. Wood laminates clad the cabinet fronts, and are paired with a granite countertop to achieve a rustic looking space.

country-style apartment Carpenters

Country-style meets industrial vibes in the dining area, where textures and materials play important roles. The rough-hewn brick wall is a beautiful backdrop for family meals, while the utilitarian lamp and dining chairs bring in the desired industrial touch. As with the rest of the home, a subdued colour scheme encourages feelings of relaxation.

country-style apartment Carpenters

The bedroom is designed for optimal rest and relaxation where textures and subdued colours create a laid-back and sensual mood. The custom headboard is made from a slate grey material, with strips of wood that play up the height of the room.

country-style apartment Carpenters

The bathroom continues the home’s rustic aesthetic. Here, shades of cement grey and aged wood are paired together to great effect. Thanks to the tall windows, natural light filters easily into the space and enlivens the area.


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