Quality time together

Notion of W gave this semi-detached house a meaningful overhaul, adapting it for a family of six with expanded communal spaces such as a larger living area, and a family-friendly attic.

  • Quality time together

Home Type: Semi-detached house

Floor Area: 6,000sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

Adhering to the owners’ request for a modern interior with neutral colours, the team opted for light wood with dark accents to create a home with an open, bright and airy atmosphere. In the dining area, three Louis Poulsen pendant lamps with brass finishes lend a touch of timeless elegance. Full-height storage has been incorporated to keep this semi-detached house neat and tidy.

semi-detached house

“The house consisted of individual pockets of spaces separated from one another and it felt too disconnected for a family who cherish their time together,” says the designer. To create a lounging area fit for family cohesion, the original outdoor terrace was subsumed into the previously tiny living room. A Lignet Roset Prado sofa adds comfort to the space.

semi-detached house

An impressive three-metre-long Dekton island defines the dry kitchen flanked by full-height cabinetry in classic colours. Dark shades help to differentiate the kitchen area while ensuring easy maintenance. The kitchen is open to the dining and living area, ensuring that family members in other zones remain connected.

Apart from carving out six new ensuite bedrooms across all three floors in this semi-detached house, Notion of W also considered creating more communal areas for the family to bond. Originally meant for storage, the dark attic was transformed into an inviting reading and chill-out room with the addition of windows, cosy seating and a full-height bookshelf.


Notion of W

Featured in Lookbox Annual 2023


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